Pictures of Home of Jennifer Lopez & Her Home Collection at Kohl’s

August 31, 2011 Katja Presnal

Pictures of Home of Jennifer Lopez & Her Home Collection at Kohl’s

Jennifer Lopez is launching a collection at KOHL’s debuting in September. The clothing, accessories and home product collections combine old Hollywood style with today’s trends with affordable prices and is launched at the same time as Marc Anthony collection at Kohl’s. While Jennifer Lopez certainly hasn’t started as an interior design icon, and may sound as an odd name to be featuring a luxurious home collection, her name as someone with excellent interior design taste emerged at the latest when the stories of the luxurious nursery came out a few years ago. Veranda magazine also featured Jennifer Lopez’s home in California, designed by interior designer Michelle Workman. Her home reflects old Hollywood glamor with Art Deco touches, and the color palette is neutrals, but instead of tones of beige, the home is decorated with tones of grey and ash blue. Jennifer Lopez has impeccable taste in interior design, and her home collection at Kohl’s reflects her style.

Jennifer Lopez Home Collection at Kohl’s

The Jennifer Lopez home collection for KOHL’s includes 600 thread count sheets made with 100% egyptian cotton in geometric prints that remind of old Hollywood. The tones of the collection are neutrals, blues, grays and beiges and the look is very sophisticated. The sheet set prices range $149.99-199.99. The clothing collection is even less expensive, you can read more about the Jennifer Lopez fashion collection and the Marc Anthony collection launched at the same time at our lifestyle blog. Here are some photos of the Jennifer Lopez Home Collection, and as you can see – the collection looks great in photos and the 600 thread count cotton sounds so luxurious. Jennifer Lopez home collection photos Jennifer Lopez home collection photos Jennifer Lopez bedding collection photos ,

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  1. Enjoy Life Oils

    Lisa, I don’t think even her home looks like this every day… It’s been styled for the photoshoot :)

  2. If that’s her real home, it looks like no one lives there. It’s too perfect. But then again, she’s a celebrity and she has maids and butlers. right? lol

  3. Wow! J-lo’s Home Collection is beautiful! Hmmm, I might have to take a little trip to Kohls this weekend… liven up our place for Fall.

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