Trend Report: 10 Hot Hairstyle Trends for Fall

August 19, 2013 adrienne shubin

Trend Report: 10 Hot Hairstyle Trends for Fall

Hot hair trends for 2013 With fall right around the corner, many of us who like to stay on top of fashion and beauty trends are wondering what to expect this season. Here are 10 of the top hairstyle trends you’ll be seeing on the streets, in the magazines and on your favorite style blogs.  Ladies, hair belongs on our heads right? For the removal of some unwanted hair, laser hair removal proves to the best and incredibly sought after solution. For some great reviews and recommendations on laser hair removal products that you can buy so you can do it yourself at ahome, do check out the provided link above!

1. The Pony Tail

Hot hair trends for fall: ponytail Pull your hair back in a ponytail for either a casual or a dressed up look. Wear it smooth and sleek or messy and wavy. You’ll see ponytails worn low down the back and the high on the head this season. For a little extra something special accessorize with leather bands, clips, scarves or jewels. Or simply wrap a strand of your hair around your ponytail fastener for a polished look.

2. Super Straight

Hair trend for fall 2013: super straight hair Remember the super straight hair trend that was so popular ten years ago that it sent straightening irons flying off the shelves? It’s back. Wear your hair parted in the middle or try something more dramatic by parting your hair farther over that usual.

3. Cropped Cut

Hair trend for fall 2013: cropped cut Short hairstyles are all the rage right now with countless celebrities chopping off their locks in favor of this edgy but classic and easy-to-style haircut. Do you dare to go short this season?

4. Balayage

Balayage is the modern version of highlights Balayage is the modern version of highlights. Forget structured highlighting that start at your roots done with foils. Balayage is the free-form version of highlighting that is meant to look more naturally sun-kissed without the use of foils.

5. The Faux Bang

Trendy hair for 2013: faux bangs Don’t have bangs but would like to wear them once in awhile? Simply part your hair to the far left or right, take a small section of hair, sweep it across your forehead and smooth. Secure it with hair gel or hairspray and a booby pin or clip behind your ear and you’ve got faux bangs with no scissors involved!

6. Half-up, Half-down

Fall 2013 hair trend: half up, half down Pull the top section of your hair back and leave the rest down. Only pull back a small portion of your hair on top so that the rest of your hair doesn’t look thin. The half-up, half-down hairstyle looks great worn casually or dressy.

7. The Low Bun

Fall hair style: low bun Buns have been current for a few seasons now. This fall we’ll be seeing more of the low bun worn both structured and polished and messy and soft.

8. Slicked Back

Fall Hairstyles: Slicked Back Use products like dry wax and hairspray to sweep your hair off your face and keep there for a modern, sleek and glamorous fashion statement.

9. Braids

fall hair trend: braids Wear a full braid, braid a crown across your head, or braid a small section of your tresses. It can easily add a touch of interest and femininity to your hair.

10. Deconstructed Wave

Fall Hairstyles: Deconstructed Waves Unfussy, natural and effortless-looking hair is not only sexy but it’s one of the season’s most chic trends. And it’s easy to achieve. Simply blow your hair dry with a diffuser while twisting strands of hair with your fingers. Will you be wearing your hair in any of these 10 hairstyle trends for fall? Which ones are your favorites?   The Rich Life by Adrienne Shubin, luxury lifestyle for less, live better, California lifestyle, luxury lifestyle I have a passion for fashion! If you do too, consider subscribing to once a week emailed Skimbaco Fashion feed and never miss my fashion post. , , , ,

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Adrienne Shubin of the The Rich Life (on a budget) blog lives in the beautiful Sonoma wine country in northern California with her fire chief husband, three great step-kids and four pups. Besides writing her blog and a feature for Skimbaco, she volunteers with the elderly and works at a well-known winery. The Rich Life (on a budget) highlights her experiences, thoughts, things and people that make her life rich including travel, fashion, beauty and more. Adrienne strives to live each day as richly as possible and wants to show you how you can live your rich life, too. Connect with Adrienne on Facebook.

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  1. Lovely style tips Adrienne. Especially the faux bangs how to! I would like to be to be more versatile in my hair styles… thanks for some new ideas!

  2. Kathy Leeds

    I cut my hair some and will be going for the “deconstructed wave” although I didn’t quite realize it until I read this post – need to get a diffuser asap.

    • adrienne shubin

      I need a diffuser, too. I just had to replace my blow dryer and my current diffuser doesn’t fit. I think I will be sporting the deconstructed wave a lot this fall…and right now!

      • Enjoy Life Oils

        I’ve been sporting the bun and the ponytail quite a bit this summer too. And then the bun makes good enough waves for the next day ;)

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