New App to Seach Instagram Photos and Other Instagram News #IGTravelThursday

January 9, 2014 Katja Presnal

New App to Seach Instagram Photos and Other Instagram News #IGTravelThursday

pic-a-moment-new This is an old picture from Helsinki, from one of my trips to Finland in 2011. It’s hard to believe that I have been on Instagram for over three years, I joined on the end of 2010. Back then the frames and filters were really in, I guess many still like them. I took the photo during one of my media visits to Finland, I visited the headquarters of Rovio, the makers of Angry Birds. The highlight was meeting Jaakko Iisalo, the inventor of the game and hearing the insights, and then fly to Singapore with Angry Birds (the actual bird) on Finnair’s first flight to Singapore. Next week I am again heading to Finland, but this time not to meet with Angry Birds, or not to fly outside of the country. Instead I will be flying with Finnair to Rovaniemi in Finnish Lapland to meet with Santa Claus. No joke! I can’t believe this wonderful thing called life and how I get myself into these amazing experiences. Read up the weekly Instagram Travel News and hope you join us by blogging some of your most memorable travels that you have recorded with Instagram. IGTT top 5 weekly Instagram News

IGTT Weekly Top 5

1. Featured Instagram Quote

Ever wonder how Instagram was named Instagram?
A long week of searching for something that combined the ‘right here right now’ aspect of what we were trying to accomplish with the idea of recording something in your life (hence the suffix -gram). We also wanted something relatively unique. We had a bunch of other names that were in the running, but there were lots of other apps with names that were too similar. Another characteristic was whether or not you could tell someone the name and they could spell it easily.
Said Kevin Systrom, CEO, co-founder of Instagram on Quora.

2. Featured Instagrammer (from Finland)

I know, I know, I featured a great Finnish Instagrammer last week too, but I am excited about my upcoming trip to my homeland Finland, and hope you want to see how it looks in the land of the lakes and midnight sun. One of my (many) favorite Finns on Instagram is RistoRisto, he shares comfortable every day images, mainly from Helsinki, that give the vibe of Finland fairly honestly. Some even poetic simple images of architecture, his daily discoveries in the city and the colors of the nature just whisper “Finland” to me. ristoristo on Instagram

3. Featured Instagram tool

This makes me so very happy – I will get to write a new version of my book soon or it will hopefully become completely irrelevant in two years or so. Meaning that I wrote an entire book helping people to search photos on Instagram, and there are new apps popping up to help people to do so – to find travel photos from Instagram. The latest brilliant new app is called Pic a Moment, and you can literally pick a moment, a specific day, or just today and type in either a location where you are, or any location in the world to see Instagram photos taken in that location on a specific time. It’s so simple and brilliant, but it took me a while to get it. I was like, hm, how do I add my photos here? Well, you don’t using the Pic a Moment app, and that’s the entire point: Pic a Moment pulls the images from Instagram from the public geo-tagged photos. So if you have been using geo-tags in your Instagram photos, they are now poppin up in more places than you think and people are able to view them even if they are not even Instagram users! pic a moment screenpic a moment So the next time you are looking for travel inspiration or pictures from a specific place, check out Pic a Moment. Of course, your true and tested tips how to search on Instagram are still going to be handy, because you will realize that when you find great photos, you will also want to connect with the people behind the photos. (Ps. excuse me – the date on my phone and the screenshot is in Finnish – for some reason if I want to have Finnish alphabets and autocorrect on my phone, it will automatically put the date data in Finnish, although my phone’s main language is set in English. Anyone know how to fix it?)

4. Featured IGTT blog post from last week

Happy Memories and new adventures, welcome 2014 by my favorite adventure traveler Satu Vänskä-Westgarth is a must see for her perfect landscape Instagram pictures of the last year. I have to admit – much nicer to hand pick the best photos… than just do the free statigram-video that all of the rest of us posted last week ;)

5. Featured travel hashtag

Start keeping an eye out for the hashtag #nbeFinland this weekend for pictures from Finland by travel bloggers from around the world. Travel bloggers and travel industry people are heading to Finland for Finland’s Travel Trade Show Matkamessut. Later next week you can also see more images with #matkamessut hashtag. There are several blogger trips happening next week in different locations of Finland. I personally will be heading to Lapland to visit Santa Claus – I kid you not! Get the full image of Finland through the eyes of some of your favorite travel bloggers!

IGTT Traveling Linky

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  1. I’m with Ann! Love getting the IG news!

    And so excited for you about Lapland! I’ll be following along for sures!! Great start to the new year!

  2. Ann

    Pretty cool that 1. You’ve been using IG for so long and 2. You got to meet the Angry Birds people and 3. Congrats to Satu!

    Thanks for all the IG updates. It really helps me stay in the know!

  3. Thanks Katja! My favourite editor-in-chief :) And I love Risto too, it’s great to get a dose of “home” daily through his images.

    • She’s my favorite editor, too. :) I love this segment each week because I would be clueless otherwise. Tell Santa that your luxury travel editor wants to go St. Thomas on Spring Break 2015. :)

      Have fun.

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