Follow my Findery Notes from TBEX conference in Spain

April 28, 2015 Katja Presnal

Follow my Findery Notes from TBEX conference in Spain

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TBEX, meet Findery. Findery, meet TBEX

I am so excited to travel to Spain and to be one of the keynote speakers at TBEX conference in Costa Brava. I feel SUPER honored to be asked to be a keynote speaker! I will be in a panel with Kash Bhattacharya from Budget Traveller, and we will be interviewed by Chris Christensen from Amateur Traveler and we will “discuss how we’ve created sustainable businesses by establishing ourselves as the go-to expert in our respective niches.” We will all have to just wait until we get to TBEX to get more details, because Chris will be surprising us with the questions on the stage! So this will be more like a live interview, so you will know you will get the real non-rehearsed answers! I can’t wait to attend the conference and to create a Notemap of my favorite finds from the trip on Findery. I have been working with Findery as one of their influencers since January, and really like the company and saving my travel notes on the app. I have also been writing travel posts under Findery for Huffington Post. I will meet Jessica Jordan of Findery for the first time at TBEX, and also see Skimbaco team member Reeta, who is also one of the Findery influencers. TBEX in Spain Above all, I am pretty excited to perhaps help to introduce TBEX and Findery communities to each others. It all started with a conversation of me sort of introducing two of my dear friends to each others for the first time. The conversation went something like this…. Katja: “Hey TBEX, meet my hip and trendy friend Findery. You know Flickr? Yeah, Findery’s mom kind of made that happen. Findery has photos too, but it’s so much more than Flickr, Instagram or Pinterest. She isn’t just all about the photos, but more about telling short stories from cool places. She is always showing me the best places where to go in my own neighborhood, and she tells the best stories from travels around the world too. Now all the cool kids hang out with Findery, so she has introduced me to some great people.” TBEX: “Findery, I think I have seen your profile picture before.” Katja: “Oh yeah, she is in the Apple watch commercial on TV, maybe you saw her on it?” Findery on Apple watch Findery: “Nice to meet you TBEX, I would love to hear all of the stories you have, I heard you travel a lot too.” Katja: “Yes Findery, I’m so excited to introduce TBEX for you. You connect people via the iPhone and Android app, but TBEX connects people in live travel blogging conferences around the world two to three times a year. You have to come and meet him in Spain this spring, or later this year in Thailand or Florida! His events gather about thousand travel bloggers and travel brands each time, and he even organizes a speed-dating event where it’s easy for travel bloggers and brands to connect. I’ve made so many new friends and business connections, it really is THE event to go for anyone in the social media travel industry. And we always get to know the travel destination really well too, in person and then reading more from everyone’s blog posts after the trip. You’d love it!” TBEX: “Heck yeah, Findery! You need to come to Spain with us! I’ll hook you up with all of my favorite travel bloggers, and then you can share their notes from Spain too.” Findery: “You got it! Booking my flights to Spain right away. The conference sounds so cool that I want all of my friends to know I’m going! Let’s make it official, and everyone at TBEX is welcome to share their stories on special TBEX Notemaps. Maybe Katja can even collect them all together?” Katja: “Let’s do it!” So maybe this conversation really didn’t go exactly like this, but close enough. The bottom line – you, me, TBEX and Findery, let’s all hang out together and find the best places around the coast of Spain in a couple of weeks. Sound good? Get your ticket to the conference Download the Findery app for iPhone or Android (or use it at and create a Notemap of your trip to Spain. Use hashtag #TBEX for your photos and stories from the trip, and I will collect it all together on one big TBEX Notemap. Maybe I could even do a blog post or two featuring some of the best ones from you? Make sure to connect with Jessica Jordan of Findery also during the conference to learn more about the company, and how they work with bloggers. Are you coming to Spain? Let’s connect! You can find me on Findery as Skimbaco. Some of my latest notemaps include notes from Canada, where TBEX was hosted in 2013. Disclosure: this is a sponsored post, but really, I love TBEX and Findery.

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