Mom? Tough times – your child is in the school now!

Ok, I wrote about children’s separation anxiety, when starting the school.
You moms made a great point asking, what about us moms…

If you are like me, and you have stayed home with your child until it’s time for your child to start the school, it’s even harder to see your little one to start school.

You have devoted your life and time for your child, and the school start is as big of a jump for you, as it is for your child.

I’m still going to have my youngest one home with me for one more year, but I have started early to try to cope next year, when all of them are in school. Like for many other moms, outside of home job is not even an option for me. I want to be able to pick up children from the school, and attend the field trips and other school functions when needed.

What I did, I started my own company, and then I started this blog. I am hoping that both of them together will expand in the next year, and they will keep me so busy when all my children are in the school, that I don’t have time to miss and worry about them.

Not that I don’t care, but it’s just this mom’s survival mechanism.

If you are afraid how to cope with the Big Step, my best tip is stay busy. Release the inner Martha Stewart!

1. Start a new hobby. Join a new gym, or start organizing the vacation photos and making nice scrapbooks. Learn to sew and start making the Christmas gifts for the family. Try mountain biking or something else, you have always wanted to do, but just didn’t have the chance.

2. Renovate the house. Remodelling is fun, and you can even take classes at Home Depot how to do things yourself – or working with a skilled interior designer is fun too.

3. If your house is perfect, start gardening. If you don’t have a garden, get a window box of herbs.

4. Get more into cooking – take a cake decorating class or classes how to cook thai-food.

5. Get more active at your church.

6. Volunteer at your child’s school or at the local animal shelter.
Get a pet.

7. Start a home business or get a part-time job.

8. Have another baby and if possible, have your husband to come home for long lunches and some afternoon delight – after all, the house is empty, the kids are at school.

9. Join with other moms, who have the same situation. Enjoy the child-free-shopping-sprees and lunches. Re-connect with the friends who do not have children, and have lunch with them in the business district. Or do what I do – connect with other moms in the internet.

10. Think about YOURSELF. You are a great mother, and your child is growing up. It is OK to let your child grow and give a little slack for yourself too. Let yourself think what you want, and focus on your needs for a while.

In the school of life, this is a big step for you too, and a lot of learning is ahead – make sure to listen to yourself so you don’t miss a great class.

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