Inspirational Quote of the Week: Show that You Care

Inspirational quote of the week: People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care by John Maxwell. I found this quote online, and I really like it, but I think there is more to it. The thing about caring… you can’t fake it. Maybe to some degree, but if you don’t really care, truth always comes out. But what I have also learned about caring in today’s society many people don’t expect caring, and have hard time accepting it when you care without asking anything in back. I have noticed that when you want to do something for others just because you care, out of kindness of your heart, it can be very intimidating to some. “What’s in it for you”, “surely you want something back”. It can be very compelling to be just like anyone else, to show how much you know, show off, sell, brag, and do trades “I give you this, you give me that” to get where you want to go in a short run. And it’s same whether it’s business or personal relationship. But when you truly care, listen, do thing without asking anything back, give more than you get back, it always comes back multiplied. You will realize that not just things are starting to work out better, but you suddenly become a magnet of good things happening. Karma? Maybe. Or that people see that you really care and they care back. I’ve been doing this blogging and social media thing for a long time and what is the biggest lesson I have learned and truly believe in, and that many people don’t understand: when a person whispers your name to one person often matters more than thousand people shouting your name. You can get a lot of irrelevant people to shout your name alongside with you when you are loud and show what you know, but when you show that you care and you do good things even when nobody sees you are doing them – you will be the person people want to help and push forward when it really matters. Care, truly care, and you will start getting some real results in business and in life. lifestyle blog, live life to the fullest, inspiration

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