5 Questions Your Kid Should Answer “No” About Dogs – And He/She Might Say “Yes”

I was on a walk with my 8 year old son, and our beagle. I asked questions from him about dogs (and his safety), and was happy that he got the answers “right” and thought I’d share them here too. The walks with my kids are a great way to connect with them, even if they are short walks around the block. It’s a no pressure zone, and they know that “the talk” will not last longer than the walk and they open up to me easier that way than when sat down on the end of dining table and grilled with questions. It’s also an easy way to ask a few simple questions and drill down a few basic safety principles for them. This time we talked about dogs & safety – fittingly on our walk with our dog. These 5 questions and safety tips are so important to teach for all kids, even if you don’t currently have a pet.

5 Questions Your Kid Should Answer “No” About Dogs

1. If a dog runs away, will you try to catch him? Answer: No, because they will just keep running and think it’s a game and it makes it more difficult to catch a dog. No, because you might get hurt or hit by a car when you are focused on catching the dog, and not in your own safety. No, because your safety is always more important than the dog’s safety. 2. If the house is on fire, will you try to save the dog? Answer: No, you need to save yourself and get out of the house. Your safety is always more important than the dog’s safety. 3. If an adult asks you to help him/her to catch or to find their puppy/dog, will you help? Answer: No, because adults don’t ask kids to help with something adults should do. No, because adults know that if they need help they will ask another adult or a police. No, because it might be a stranger wanting to trick you and your safety always comes first. 4. If you see a cute dog will you pet it without asking first? Answer: No, because dogs are animals that might bite or hurt you; you never know about dogs however cute they are, they still might hurt you. 5. If another kid asks to pet or walk your dog, will you let them? Answer: No, because while your dog is used to you, he/she might not be used to the other kid, and might get mad, excited or scared of another kid and might try to run away, misbehave or hurt the kid.

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