Finnair Sells Airplane Food in Grocery Stores

Can’t travel? No problem, you can now get your airplane meal in Finland

Finnair started selling versions of their business class in-flight meals in grocery stores. Nicely wrapped and marketed with pretty images, it is Finnair’s brilliant attempt to add revenue, but more importantly, keep their customers dreaming of travel and keeping the brand in mind for the upcoming flights… someday. The “Taste of Finnair” project of course is great for business purposes, but it also welcomed some of the employees back to work. Many of the staff members have been laid off since March. “This is a new business opening for us and employs our chefs in Vantaa. This project has been especially great, as so many of Kitchen’s employees are temporarily laid off, we can create new work and employment for our people,” Marika Nieminen, the head of Finnair Kitchen explained. Finnair is known for connecting Europe to Asia. Their menu always includes Finnish flavors, and they often create fusion food that is very Finnish but appeals to Asian palates. The Taste of Finnair meals are inspired by Nordic and Japanese flavors. The ready-made meals include Finnish reindeer meatballs, beef in teriyaki-radish sauce, and arctic char, as well as sides like roasted carrots with blue cheese. Unfortunately, just like Finnair, these meals are not flying in many places, and are the Taste of Finnair meals are currently available only at K-Citymarket Vantaa Tammisto close to the Helsinki airport. I heard they cost $12.90 per meal – that’s over 15 bucks (half of a RyanAir flight across Europe). But the meals are not your ordinary lunch menu quality either and are more of fine dining quality. Many restaurants are struggling and finding new ways like this to stay in business in the time of COVID, so premium home meal demand has definitely gone up. I’ve seen social media posts of people trying the meals from the Taste of Finnair menu and they’ve given it high praise and well priced for the quality. Now, we don’t even own a microwave oven, but you can also warm the ready meal up in an oven. What do you say… should we give these ready-made meals a try or just stick to waiting until we can fly again?

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