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Are you planning on starting your own e-course or a membership site? Are you tired of having to buy all of the different services from web hosting to web design to newsletter management to shopping cart programs from different providers? So was I. Now I love Kajabi, and good for you, they are running an amazing sale if you sign up right now!

I had not heard of Kajabi until we started planning our Big Rich Money e-course, and I would have probably thought it was too expensive for me and not even looked into the details of what Kajabi offers without my business partner Candice. She went ahead and bought Kajabi, after reading so many comparisons with other providers, and realizing that all of the e-courses she had taken and loved were built on Kajabi. Once I realized what all they offer, I realized it wasn’t that expensive at all – because we were able to get rid of so many other services.

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You can sign up with our link at Kajabi.com.

While everyone has different business needs, Kajabi is one tool we LOVE that allows us to create and market our BIG RICH MONEY e-course, multiple landing pages, automated pipelines, funnels, newsletters, and truly simplify our process and grow like never before.

We really think this is a platform that can help you reach your business goals too.

Kajabi Is Not For Everyone, But It’s The Best For Us

We are new Kajabi users, but here are some examples we have been able to do in the past SIX months with NO additional hired help. We are still learning, and each week we have moments when we say to each other “OMG, did you know you can do this too on Kajabi?!”.

I did all of our design work on Canva, so we have not even hired graphic designers. Disclosure: I appreciate designers so so much, but we wanted to show that it IS possible to do this all yourself with a minimal budget. We saved money on everything else, and our big splurge was Kajabi. SO WORTH IT.


We created two websites: www.insidersociety.com and www.bigrichmoney.com, and the Big Rich Money site also has a landing page in Finnish www.bigrichmoney.fi – it was an easy fix to create a page in a different language without paying for extra sites/hosting.

We didn’t buy any templates, no worrying about hosting or installing extra programs like a shopping cart program. Kajabi is an extremely intuitive and easy website creation and hosting platform.



We have two freebies to two separate newsletter lists. Creating a newsletter signup page was easy, and no worrying about integrating the newsletter management tool with the site, because Kajabi has its own newsletter management integrated.

I especially like this newsletter signup page as an example: Sign up to Download the free ebook How to Turn Your Expertise Into A Book And Land Your First Lucrative Publishing Deal. You sign up, and you get to download the ebook immediately. (I still can’t believe I knew how to do this all, thanks to Kajabi being easy!).

The Insider Brief sign-up landing page is different, and we are not currently overly promoting the freebie you get with it. It is a tool list of the TOP TEN TOOLS we recommend, although thanks to Kajabi, we do not use all of them at the moment. Kajabi has shortened the list of tools we use – and the monthly subscriptions we pay.


We have over 1500 subscribers on our newsletter lists and are growing fast. With Kajabi, we don’t have to worry about having too many people on our lists and the price going up.

The lists are easy to manage, and it’s easy to add subscription forms on any page of the site.


So far we have created three e-courses.

We created two practice e-courses so we could learn to use Kajabi, but honestly, if I would do something differently, I would not do our mini-courses at all, but I would have directly focused on creating our main product the Big Rich Money e-course. The platform is so intuitive to use, and with most of the questions we’ve had, we’ve been able to Google the answers on how to do it. You don’t have to be scared of going directly to create your main product.



Our main product is the Big Rich Money E-course and we just launched the landing page for it for the pre-enrollment, we officially launch on August 9, 2021.

Again, Kajabi made it very easy to build the landing page. We didn’t buy any templates but used Kajabi’s default templates and the technical execution of the landing page was super fast.


Kajabi is excellent for affiliate management. As you might imagine, the sign-up link is an affiliate link, and if you sign up, we make a commission as a Kajabi Partner.

But what’s even better: WE can have affiliates. We can offer the affiliate opportunity to all of our customers and community members (for our biggest product bundle the affiliate commission is $300! For the Big Rich Money E-course the commission is $50). Managing the affiliate program with Kajabi is super easy. I love it because we can make money faster, and so can our community members.


We still have so much to test and do with Kajabi. Pipelines, better funnels, upselling… and one that we are super excited about: launching our podcast! Yes, Kajabi now also offers a podcast hosting platform. Can’t wait!

Kajabi offers more ways to monetize your knowledge than any other platform

Full transparency: As you might imagine, the above link is an affiliate link, and if you sign up, we make a commission as a Kajabi Partner. I only ever recommend products that I know, love, and use personally to this day. Kajabi is 100% that. Let me know if you have any questions about Kajabi, happy to answer!

If you don’t need Kajabi for e-courses, and you are running a different kind of company, for example, an e-commerce site, we created an Easy and Inexpensive First Online Business Launch Mini-Course (on Kajabi of course), and it goes deeper into helping you to choose the best website platform for your company. There are certain instances I would still go with another hosting platform – but for e-courses, Kajabi is the best.

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