We Should Only Care About Our Own Definition of Big Rich Money Success

Big Rich Money

We named our book Big Rich Money: How To Turn Your Business Intentions Into A Profitable Company. And boy, is the name triggering.

I recently wrote a post “what makes you feel rich?” and received interesting comments about it on social media. Some think there could be a dollar/euro amount that they’d feel rich, for some it’s more of things that make them feel secure in life, for some it’s feeling they can splurge too.

The reality is that there is no dollar or euro amount that automatically would define what “rich” means. Sure, we can talk about the distribution of wealth in terms of economics, or in societies, but if you went and asked people on the street what they thought “rich” means, most likely you would get multiple different answers, just like I did.

And just to be fair – most likely if you would ask people to define any words, the answers would be different.

Test it. Ask a handful of friends that if you say the word “dog” what dog breed comes to mind and if you say “car” what car brand comes to mind. Most dog owners would tell you that a poodle is a very different type of a dog than German shepherd and that Fords and Jaguars really are not the same driving machine (although from “driving machine” many might recognize BMW, thanks to their branding, but that’s a whole another story).

When we think almost any word in our mind, the images in our heads are as unique as we are as people.

Then why using words like rich and success is so triggering to many?

Does it tell more about the people who hear it or people who say it?

Should my “rich” be on the same level as yours? Or should it be lower or higher?

Can you see me as successful if my definition of rich is much different than yours?

Do you think I can see you as successful or “rich” if my definition is much different from yours?

Maybe the most important question is: why should we care about anyone else’s definition of rich or success?

We should not.

We All Have Imposter Syndrome – So What?

I admit sometimes even I am trigged by our book name, and for a moment I even got scared of going all in and promoting a book named BIG RICH MONEY.

I’ve done what someone could say are successful things. I’ve won awards and I’ve spoken in conferences around the world. Fortune 1 company has wanted to hear my marketing ideas. Yes, I said Fortune 1, the largest company in the world. I currently have a Fortune 150 client. I’ve helped my clients to make sales records and I’ve successfully launched and sold my own products. I’ve traveled around the world, I’ve been hanging out with the right people. I’ve been a consultant for over 12 years. I’ve written two books this year, and they will both publish in August 2021. Yes, I also translated Big Rich Money in Finnish, and I will start recording the audiobook this week. We also just opened pre-enrollment to the Big Rich Money e-course.

On paper, I sound like a badass.

But the imposter syndrome is deep in here.

I am not perfect, and I’ve pivoted like three times just since starting my new company three years ago, and I didn’t know WHAT I wanted to accomplish and WHY until recently. I’ve made very bad decisions on working with the wrong people, who didn’t end up paying for my work. I’ve had money worries. I didn’t define what my financial success would look like until recently. In my mind, I sometimes feel I am not good enough. So what? I am still doing this.

And This Is Exactly The Reason Why We Had To Create Big Rich Money.

Together with my co-author and business partner, Candice Kilpatrick Brathwaite, we needed this for us. We needed to finally decide what our success would look like. But more importantly, we found our WHY. If we feel like this sometimes, and struggle with success, or defining success, there must be others. Maybe you?

We felt we had the need to pour all of this information, stories, business theories, success formulas, consulting secrets, all of it, and help other womxn entrepreneurs who might be struggling to find their way, who might need the nudge forward, who might want our advice.

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