Gabriella & Kristian Presnals’ Emergent Properties Duo Exhibition in Helsinki

The artist siblings exhibiting together.

Thu 10.8. 2023 at 17-19 
Fri 11.8.2023 - Sat 26.8.2023
Caisan Galleria, Kaikukatu 4 B, Helsinki, Finland
Free Entry

The exhibition is sponsored by the City of Helsinki.

Welcome to Gabriella & Kristian Presnals’ Emergent Properties duo art exhibition.

Join us at the art exhibition opening on 10.8. 2023 from 17 – 19 at Caisa Gallery in Helsinki.

The Finnish-American artist siblings are exhibiting together for the first time in an art exhibition inspired by their nomadic childhood. Previously in their childhood, they lived in Canada; multiple states in the U.S., and Sweden, and each was born in a different country. Gabriella was born in Germany, while Kristian was born in New York. They have now lived in Finland for six years, and are both up-and-coming names in the art scene.

Emergent properties.

The namesake of the exhibition, emergent properties, is used in biology as well as other fields to describe how isolated individual parts of a system are not enough to know how the entire system itself functions, like organs in a body.

This also offers an analogy for how we begin to understand our identities as well. The works within this exhibition are inspired by interviews conducted by Gabriella and Kristian. The duo presents their artistic research using video, photography, and paintings to illustrate the feelings and stories told by queer nomadic persons living in Finland.

Rising artist siblings to watch: Gabriella and Kristian Presnal.

Gabriella Presnal is a 21-year-old artist who has primarily worked with mediums such as painting, video, sculpture & installation and has also done projects using 360 videos, AR (Augmented Reality), as well as applied fine arts. At the root of many of their works, there is an ongoing conversation with themself on how they exist within dynamics like relationships, spatiality, land, and culture. For example, feeling both at home and alien while living in Finland. Gabriella has recently graduated with a Bachelor in Media & Art from Tampere University of Applied Sciences and will continue their studies this autumn at Aalto University studying a Nordic Master in Visual Studies and Art Education.

Gabriella had their first solo exhibition in 2019 for Pride Month at Utua Brand Shop. In recent years, they have most notably exhibited in galleries and festivals such as Himmelblau Gallery, ARS108, Pinni47, Musiikkitalo, and more in Southern Finland. As well as internationally at Czong Institute for Contemporary Art (CICA) in South Korea, Post Office Projects in Australia, DigitalBigScreen in Slovenia, Leopoldo Gotuzzo Museum of Art (MALG) in Brazil, and other exhibitions in Italy & New York. They have had publications published by NO NIIN and have upcoming publications based in Southern Finland, New York, and South Korea. They also have upcoming exhibitions in Yö Galleria in Helsinki (November ‘23) and Galleria Ars Liberia in Kuopio (June ‘24).


Kristian Presnal is a 20-year-old fashion photographer and lens-based visual artist based in Helsinki. A majority of his photographic work is shot on film, and his multimedia and graphic works incorporate analog processes and textures. Their international background has influenced his interest in broader depictions of identity expression, as well as his interest in structural and radical approaches to international relations and political philosophy. While studying for a Bachelor’s in Art & Design at Aalto University this autumn, Kristian will continue to develop ways to explore his conceptual interests through visual media.

He has previously exhibited at Lapinlahden Lähde as a part of The Darkroom Collective and he has produced this exhibiting series of works for his recent Artist of the Year solo exhibition for Helsinki Fashion Week 2023 at Nordic Culture Point in Suomenlinna.


Emergent Properties exhibition is taking place at Caisa Gallery from the 11th to the 26th of August, 2023. Caisa is a cultural centre established in 1996 that promotes the development of Helsinki into a diverse city by means of the arts and culture. Caisa hosts performances, events and exhibitions, and also provides teaching in the arts.

Hope to see you there!



Emergent Properties Art Exhibition Opening 10.8, 2023 at 17-19

Exhibition period: Fri 11.8.2023 – Sat 26.8.2023

Mon–Fri 9 – 19, Sat 10 – 19, Sun closed

Caisan Galleria, Kaikukatu 4 B, Helsinki, Finland

Free admission, family-friendly, wheelchair accessible.


gabriellapresnal.com, kristianpresnal.com

@gabriellapresnal & @kristianpresnal via Instagram


Exhibition sponsored by the City of Helsinki.

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