What Makes You Feel Rich?

Can you put a dollar amount on feeling rich?

It was my 23rd wedding anniversary weekend and my husband took me for a romantic dinner on an island in Helsinki, Finland. We took a boat there, and paid a ridiculous price for salmon and potatoes, food we eat at home, and we had fancy cocktails and dessert and it was perfect.

It would be easy to say having a life partner makes me feel rich. The dinner was a splurge we always would not have been able to do either.

But what really made me feel rich was that I went to the dentist in the afternoon.

My tooth broke and to my surprise, it is not self-evident to find a dentist in Helsinki on a Saturday in July. Luckily I found one that came to open his private clinic just for me and I got my tooth fixed leaving plenty of time before heading to our romantic dinner.

It made me feel rich.

See, there was a time we lived outside New York City, and while we both made good money, and had good insurance, we still had all of our credit cards maxed out because of medical bills.

I feel rich that I don’t have to worry about money when I need my tooth fixed or my kid needs to see a doctor.

I didn’t write a book titled Big Rich Money to help women to make money just to buy designer purses (if you do, good for you).

I didn’t start Insider Society to earn money for fancy vacations (but I will do those too).

I am doing this to empower women to be in charge of their earning power so they don’t ever have to make a choice whether to buy food or see a doctor. Whether to keep staying in abusive situations (with spouses or at work with abusive bosses), or go on their own.

I’m doing this to enable rich life, and we all define what that means differently.

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