Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m just sneaking in really quickly between dinner and dessert to wish everyone Happy Thanksgiving!

We are having a very relaxed, down to earth Thanksgiving, just five of us. Matt wore jeans and a t-shirt, I didn’t even put lipstick to make it more festive. We had a tablecloth, but I was too lazy to iron it… You got the picture. This fall has been so busy with moving, the business, and everything else, that I really appreciate this stress-free Thanksgiving. I’m almost taking a day off..

People in Europe don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, so this was only my 9th Thanksgiving. I remember the first Thanksgiving with Matt… He was still in Flight School and they didn’t really get many days off to go back home (to their parents) to celebrate Thanksgiving. So, Matt invited all single guys in his flight school class to spend Thanksgiving with us.

Matt told me that Thanksgiving was the most important holiday in the US, and taught me to fix the turkey and dressing (which I hated the first time, but have grown to love it now). I ironed the linen table cloth and even shined the silver. Yes, we had bunch of guys in their early 20’s to spend Thanksgiving with us – and I set up the table with real silver we had gotten as a wedding gift. We had gotten married four months before.

I remember how devistated I was when my heirloom silverware got picked up to the living room and the nicely prepared dinner was eaten by TV, watching football. I think I was wearing a cocktail dress – Matt had told me it was “bigger than Christmas”. Not to even mention, it was our first big dinner party as a married couple. So I had gone all the way.

I was a little upset that most of the guests showed up wearing jens and baseball caps, and the TV was on most of the time. My crystal candle holders looked ridiculous. But we had a great time, and that’s what Thanksgiving really is about. Hanging out with people you enjoy being with.

Oh, and the best compliment of the party – I got a thank-you-for-the-Thanksgiving-party and a late Christmas gift from one of the boys after Christmas same year. He had noticed I had pictures of sailboats in our home, and he brought me a Maine kitchen towel with sailboats back from Maine, where he went to visit his family. Today I don’t even remember his name, but the fact that he had appreciated my first Thanksgiving party so much probably stays with me forever. The towel has since travelled to Europe and back and been in several states, and it still is in our kitchen drawer, and I occasionally just hang it from the oven handle.

It still looks like new.
  1. Melkeen unohdinkin etta teilla siella oli Thanksgiving. Meilla se oli jo viime kuussa. Kuulostaa etta kovin Happya se oli. Mua nauratti tuo kuvaus sun eka Thanksgivingista. Aika janna miten miehet joskus ajattelee ihan eri tavalla. Niille “huge celebration” on hyva kunhan ruokaa riittaa ja urheilua tv:ssa. No, ei saa yleistaa mutta ihana tuo sun eka Th.giving tarina. :)

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