MedBasics – What to Do Emergency Guide for Parents

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When I found out about a company called MedBasics, I instantly thought how I saved my son’s life a few years ago. I can still remember it like it happened yesterday. Kristian was one year old. Kris and me were sitting around the breakfast table. Girls, then 2 and 3 years old, had left the dining room and I could hear them turning the TV on in the living room. I almost left the dining room for one minute to say to girls they were not allowed to turn the TV on. Kris was sitting in his highchair and he was a good boy. He never tried climbing out of the highchair and I thought he’d probably be OK if I turned my back to him just for the while I went to the next room. But I didn’t. I am over-protective that way. I remember thinking that why I was so over-protective, what could happen, he was just sitting in his highchair and eating a bagel. Then Kristian’s whole body went stiff and he was just staring straight forward and then he started shaking. He couldn’t breath and the color of his face started turning pale. I pulled him off the highchair and as far as I can remember pretty much put just his head down and started hitting his back. I don’t know how many times I did it before I heard a voice coming out of him. Then I turned him over and checked his mouth and pulled a piece of bagel out of the back of his mouth. I sighed in relief. But too early. He turned all blue and became unconscious. I thought he died, but I was able to find a pulse. I called 911 and was praying they would make it on time. I hadn’t been that scared in my life. I started giving mouth to mouth to my baby while I was still on phone with the 911 dispatcher. 20 minutes later my son was happily smiling and excited about going for an ambulance ride. I had taken first aid classes when I was a teenager, and somehow I was able to remember what to do. But still there are moments that I keep thinking “what if”…

baby emergency, baby first aid, what to do in emergency, baby medbasics, medical basics, emergency guide for parents

MedBasics offer a little “what to do in emergency guide” booklet with instructions what to do in an emergency. I recommend first aid classes to every parent, but I recommend this product even for those parents who have taken the first aid course. The booklet will give you a peace of mind and it has easy to understand step by step instructions with pictures what to do when your baby is choking or bleeding, or how to do CRP or what to do if your baby has a burn. The MedBasics comes in two different sizes – the larger home pack ($35) and the smaller travel pack ($25). Both of them have an easy hook so you can hang them from a door knob at home or from the stroller on the go. The MedBasics emergency guide is an essential for every parent to have on hand and gives the parents, babysitters and other caretakers a peace of mind and help if needed. I can honestly say that I wish you’ll purchase one of these, but I hope that you will never need to use it.

baby emergency, baby first aid, what to do in emergency, baby medbasics, medical basics, emergency guide for parents

  1. OMG that is so freaky! I watched my first son like a hawk and now that I’ve had my second this is my nightmare…I haven’t taken a first aid class yet and I think I’m going to now.

  2. Oh God, Katja! How frightening!!!

    I remember once driving and one of my older kids was in the back seat. She was complaining about how I wouldn’t let her do something… I can’t remember. But then she just went quiet… TOO quiet. So at the stop light, I turned around to see her turning red and trying not to gag. In her aggravation at yelling at me, she had sucked in a hard candy. I put the car in park and leaned back, dug my finger down her throat, and dislodged the candy. I was shaking so hard I had to pull over.


    1. Oh, that’s horrible, I’m sorry you had to do that Sugar. It’s just so scary, isn’t it?

  3. I have tears running down my face right now. That is such an awful story. I’m so glad you were there!

  4. My minivan — Toyota Sienna — came with a medical kit in a pouch. I remember dismissing it as useless. Until one of my children got a cut. We’ve found that kit so useful. Every car, house should have a medical kit.

    I made a makeshift medical kit from a minibag inside my Lands End diaper bag. Invaluable.

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