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hire-writers It is time to grow what Skimbaco Lifestyle started as; not as a blog sharing a personal lifestyle and quest to live life to the fullest but as a media featuring people and ways to live life to the fullest and enjoy life. Skimbaco Lifestyle is a lifestyle blog featuring trends, fashion, food, travel, arts – anything that inspires modern women to live life to the fullest and enjoy life. Skimbaco Lifestyle has been featured in international media outlets, including in a trend TV show in Finland, and in New York Times, Forbes, Woman’s Day, Yahoo Shine! and several blogs, and is part of Real Girls Media and Lifetime TV Network’s Lifetime Moms network. We have offered guest blogging at Skimbaco Lifestyle in the past, and always had interviews of people, and we would like to continue to do both of them. In addition to this Skimbaco is hiring writers to join the growing Skimbaco team. WANT TO JOIN SKIMBACO TEAM? WRITERS Skimbaco is looking for dedicated writer(s) to join the team to write 4-10 posts per month. Requirements: No previous blogging experience needed, but previous writing experience and excellent writing skills required, photography and photo editing skills preferred. Pay: Per per post, paid once a month. Pay depends on how much editing is needed, and on writing experience. Additional perks: covering events, celebrity interviews, product samples, travel opportunities. You will receive: feature on the site, business cards, camera if you take your own photos or video camera if you will do vlogging. An opportunity to be part of a growing international media outlet. Additional earning opportunities: several additional earning opportunities available, for example advertising income (all the ad revenue you bring in, you get to keep 100%). Writers wanted in these topics: food, travel, children’s fashion, health & well-being, home decorating/interior design (for SkimbacoHome.com), entertaining – or send us your pitch for a lifestyle category you would like to cover. Especially looking for someone to cover events in NYC and LA. Apply: Send a creative application with examples of your writing, and your possible social media links. Note: social media activity is not required, this is only so we can get to know you better. Previous writing experience required or education in journalism, students also welcome. Email to katja.presnal @ skimbaco.com SOCIAL MEDIA EDITOR Skimbaco is looking for a social media editor to manage @skimbaco twitter account, Skimbaco Lifestyle Facebook page, and Skimbaco newsletter. Requirements: Experience required, especially on the newsletter creation and management, ad sales experience preferred (for the newsletter). Social media calendar creation required. Pay: Monthly payment according to results and experience. Flat fee + commission. Apply: Send a creative application and your social media links. Email to katja.presnal @ skimbaco.com Guest Posts Not ready for a long-term commitment? Skimbaco welcomes guest posts both at Skimbaco Lifestyle and at Skimbaco Home. Guest posts are posted on Fridays, you can read some of the inspirational guest posts from the past.

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Skimbaco Lifestyle is for nomadic trailblazers, fearless founders, rebel leaders and people who live life to the fullest.