New Travel Book of Pet-friendly Places in Southern California

Many people struggle with the question what to do with their pets while traveling. We’ve had two pets and the other one was a great travel companion, and we flew even to Europe with him, and he probably saw more world than many humans do. The other dog – well, let’s just say that he loves the local pet resort as his travel destination and doesn’t travel with us. One big reason is that a lot of my travel is work related, and as with most work bringing pets is not really an option. When we traveled with our dog, the internet resources were not as good as they are today, and it was pretty difficult to find out about the possibility to bring your pet – or what kind of services places might have for pets. When I saw the book The Privileged Pooch; Luxury Travel With Your Pet In Southern California by Maggie Espinosa I instantly was hoping I’d had a book like this long time ago – and that hopefully Maggie will write same type of book also of East Coast travel places. I’d instantly volunteer to do some research with my beagle!! The Privileged Pooch; Luxury Travel With Your Pet In Southern California includes a grand total of 69 hotels, 55 bistros, 56 activities and 38 shops and they are all categorized by destinations in Southern California, from San Diego, Palm Springs, Los Angeles area and Santa Barbara. It’s a great book also for those who live in California even just for weekend trips or fun things to do together with your pet. Every single resort, restaurant or shop has both a “paw rating” how dog friendly it is, from “pooches permitted” to “pooch paradise” and everything also is price rated from $ to $$$$. You can tell that this book was written with love and with a lot of research; in the descriptions of the shops the author shares information of the shop owners, or the stores’ history and what kind of products you can find for you and your pooch. Or that you can get your dog’s nails done at Bark and Sniff Boutique in Laguna Beach, or that San Diego Wine & Culinary Center throws “Canines & Wine” gatherings every Wednesday evening. While the book is titled for luxury traveling, and it has several luxury resorts and services for pampered canines and their owners, it’s a great book for any dog owner in Southern California. It also includes resources of local vets, and which beaches are dog friendly. It truly is a must have book for any dog owner in Southern California who lives life to the fullest. Author Maggie Espinosa is an award-winning travel journalist, and she traveled around Southern California with her Bichon Frise Marcel to test the places mentioned in her book. I asked her about her dog and which places are their favorites.
Marcel is the love of my life…much to my husbands dismay. Marcel and I traveled a lot when writing the book. We stayed at 73 hotels together. He became quite spoiled, as did I. My favorite destination with Marcel is difficult to narrow to one place. I would have to say Palm Springs in the winter and Santa Barbara in the summer.
Check out the The Privileged Pooch; Luxury Travel With Your Pet In Southern California at Amazon. Disclosure: I received the book to review but all of my opinions are my own.

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