Mission: Healthier Me. Are you in?

I wrote a post last fall how I was on a mission for better health and something just hit me last week that I haven’t really been writing much about it. In a way I am embarrassed that I have been going so slowly, and while I have results, it has taken months to get them. I know that if you are determined to let’s say lose weight, you can get significant results within one or two months. And I have been on my “mission” for… almost six months. Good news: I have results, two to three pants sizes smaller results. Bad news: I don’t know how many pounds I have lost, because I don’t own a scale, and that kind of makes it difficult to celebrate and share. My thinking is that anyone can lose weight and anyone can go on a diet. But I don’t want to be on a diet, I don’t want temporarily change some of my bad habits and then go bad to them once I have hit my ideal weight. That’s why my mission has never really been about weight loss, it has been more of a lifestyle change than anything else. And it’s still easy to change things for a month, even two, but to be able to keep it up and live every day in a new way is something different. I didn’t really want to write too much about it.. because I wanted to make sure I am able to do it myself… I have this theory that things that make us happy will also make us lose weight and be healthier. Let’s say you want to start a new hobby – you will be so occupied learning it and doing it, that you will not eat just because you are bored, and you will lose weight. Also, when you start loving yourself more, you will not want to eat things that you know are not good for you. I have done several different things, three big ones have been doing: I joined gym, restocked my pantry and also got some get slim products, and I started eating breakfast and lunch. I think the fact I started eating was actually better than starting to eat less. I used to skip breakfast and lunch and just drink lattes all day long while working 12-hour days and then I’d be starving and eat dinner for five. Not very smart. Now I eat more often but less a day. I also think switching sugar to Truvia has helped a lot. I go to gym periodically, sometimes 4 times a week, and then 4 weeks goes by and I travel and don’t have a change to go. I could do better on that one. I emailed most of the people who commented on my original post about my mission for better health, and asked if they still were IN for reals. That I am not an expert, and while I want to inspire others, I need inspiration too, and many of them said they will join me in the mission for healthier me, healthier us. Zippy already wrote she wants to get healthier, Melissa said she has started post series called Healthy Me, and Lisa has been posting her weight loss journey… and Wendy has had Fitness Friday posts. The list goes on and on, how many bloggers around me have been doing this, many of them alone. My community and inspiration has been right in the front of me the entire time, but I have not just really paid attention nor reached out to do this together. Can we now help, inspire, and keep each others countable? I am in my Mission: Healthier Me. Are you in? I will be posting about Mission: Healthier Me about once a week. Please join in and leave your blog post link here as well. I know there are many amazing weight loss communities, but I am not focusing on weight loss – I want to focus on being healthier and happier and I think as a result we will lose weight but look better. I just don’t want to only focus on what we look, nor how much we weigh, I want to focus on creating a happy & healthy lifestyle that allows us to live life to the fullest every day.

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