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drop dead diva I am determined to make a change in my life to become a healthier me. I looked at myself in the mirror two weeks ago and I felt like the character in Drop Dead Diva – who the heck is that person, whose body I am in? See the picture of me above with Beth Feldman in the Drop Dead Diva event earlier this year – that might be how you know me, but that person with those fat arms sure isn’t how I know myself! I haven’t been feeling and especially looking like myself for a long time and now I am going back to basics – and back to me. Part of it was that I wanted to have a dramatic change in my look two years ago when we moved to New York; I cut my long hair short for the first time since fifth grade and hid behind thick Prada glasses. I also had some health problems, and I was just trying to get myself back into normal. Being in shape was not even close to what my goal was – I was just happy if I was able to breathe through skiing a few runs. But at some point my health got better, and yet I didn’t start exercising or getting myself really back in better shape. At the same time I was thinking if I really wanted to get in shape, I could anytime. I just didn’t feel like it. Or I was busy. Or bunch of other excuses. There was also a part of me that was proud of me that I was able to hold my head high even if my clothing size had gone to double digits. And after fighting so many years after having anorexia when I was 18, I was OK I didn’t have the health problems that low weight brings you. But then it started getting more difficult to find the clothes that I liked that would fit my new “curves”. It really started upsetting me that Ralph Lauren couldn’t be my go-to brand, because the clothes just didn’t fit me right anymore. Or that they really don’t make ski pants with a higher cut to hide your muffin top. My best friend has gone through a huge transformation the past year and is now probably in her best fit ever in her life, and while I was happy to get her clothes that now had become way too big for her – at the same time I wanted to be the one giving away clothes that were too big for me. (Dammit, I have been just getting rid of clothes that are way too small for me!) Two weeks ago I was in Scottsdale and I was hanging out with my good friend Brooke, who was on a super diet and was practically eating nothing. I was not being a good friend to her – I was trying to get her to eat out and forget about dieting – she looks amazing anyways, why would she need a diet? But her determination and will power impressed me, and after a week of traveling and seeing all the partying in Las Vegas, where I was for BlogWorld Expo, I decided that it is time to make a change in my lifestyle too – to become healthier me. I want to go back to being me, back to the fit girl who loves sports and does sports. I don’t want to wait ’til New Year to make any resolutions – I am on my way now. Today marks my 10th day of exercising and eating healthier, and I already feel better. Who’s with me? Want to join me in becoming healthier us?
  1. To me you are always beautiful no matter what size you are, you are just gifted that way friend. But what makes you feel better is what’s important, so I am with you too! Like you, I have been having health issues especially in the past several months, I even had surgery. But I want to feel healthy too! So I’m in too!

  2. Katja,

    Good for you for making YOU a priority. I felt like I was reading a story about me, so many similarities (except the ski pants, I don’t ski).

    Teaching your children about being healthy and being able to participate in activities with them is an integral part of healthful eating and personal nurturing.

    I’ll join you, after I finish this peanut butter cup.

    OK…… count me in!

    Here’s to caring for ourselves!


  3. OK, it’s times like THESE when I wish that I listened to you and moved up to NY. I need someone to hold me accountable (I’m so bad at that when it comes to exercise & diet).

    I’m in. Every time I look in the mirror I get sick to my stomache. I think the first thing I have to do is take a trip to the Dr. to get my hormone levels checked (since my weight is age related). Once I see what’s “off” I can figure out where to go from there.

    I suppose this means I have to start going to the gym….

  4. Good for you! I think you look wonderful but it’s all about how you feel so congrats for making the commitment to change that. I am on day 5 of an eating healthier/working out kick and I am going to look to you for inspiration!

  5. Way to go, Katja! I’m so impressed! With my weight loss, I’ve become so scale-minded that, since I’ve begun running and subsequently gaining muscle (ahem, weight) I’ve become freaked out seeing that scale jump up again. My newest goal? To work out and eat right without watching the scale – to learn to love my body for it’s fitness and not it’s number. I vowed to start November 1st, but I, too, couldn’t wait to get started. I would love to join you, if you’ll have me :)

  6. I started Monday, October 18th. I have some health issues that are related to hormones and they make me feel miserable. So, I’m here with you, pushing along and getting myself back to the woman I used to be. The surfer, runner, soccer player I was for so many years.

    Weight Watchers is what I am using for accountability, as well as increased exercise, laying off of caffeine and making sure I sleep at least 6 hours.

    When we met, I thought you looked fantastic, but no one can tell us how our bodies actually feel. Thank you for sharing with all of us and good luck!

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