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Even Ally McBeal Had A Theme Song…

Do you remember Ally McBeal..? It was one of my favorite TV shows on the late 90’s and it was sadly missed when we moved to Germany. I loved how my mother-in-law would videotape the shows and send a VHS to me and it was one of the only TV shows we watched in English the entire time we lived in Germany. Anyways.. music was such an integral part of the show, and Ally had a “theme song” that would play in her head when she needed some encouragement. She was adviced by her therapist Dr Clark, played by the brilliant Tracey Ullman, to pick a theme song, something that you can play in your head that you’ll feel better. Watch the scene below..

What’s Your Theme Song..?

When is the last time you’ve had a theme song? Do you have a theme song that you play in your head over and over again? A song that lifts you up, gets you through the bad times and motivates you to move forward? A song that you play when you celebrate life? Gosh, while there have been many “theme songs” in my life, I don’t think I’ve had one for a while. And it’s a shame. In fact, I haven’t given music enough thought at all lately, it’s whatever junk the radio plays when I carpool the kids and only time of the year I usually update my tunes is right on the edge of the ski season so I have fresh music for fresh snow. I think I need another high-impact activity with music in my life, because music can do so much, it truly inspires, takes us through tough times and celebrates the good times. And it certainly can change your life when your theme song keeps pushing you forward and working towards your dreams.

Theme Song That Changed My Life…

Ok, don’t laugh, I’m opening up here.. One of the theme songs in my life has been Ultra Nate’s Free. It came out in 1997, and it was a big year for me to really figure out what I wanted from my life. I broke up with a long time boyfriend that year (we had been together on and off for 5 years, he was a jerk, that I thought I could cure), I swore never try to live my life trying to please other people anymore, and I wanted to be free to do what I wanted to do. One of the big decisions I made that year was to put my mechanical engineering studies on hold in Finland, and move to Germany, where serendipity stepped into my life and so did my husband. A few months later I took even a bigger leap of faith, trusted what my heart said and felt and moved to the United States, and never looked back. The lyrics of my theme song made me sad looking back in my life, but excited about the future. The song made me want to dance, it made me smile when I needed it the most. It celebrated with me, it told me again and again that I had to live my life and do what I wanted to do. And I did. And look where it took me.

Ultra Nate: Free lyrics

Where did we go wrong Where did we lose our faith My brother is in need But can he depend on me Do you think if one of you tried Maybe you could find A better friend than any other If you gave more than you took Life could be so good Come on and try Now’s the time Chorus Cause you’re free To do what you want to do You’ve got to live your life Do what you want to do Chant Do what you want Do what you want to do Are we all strangers Does anyone really care Deep down were all the same Trying to hide our pain You think you can never trust another Cause they’re all out to get ya We have to live in this world together If we open up our hearts Love can finally start Come on and try Nows the time Chorus Bridge when you’re down and you’re Feeling bad Everybody has left you sad Feels like no one will pull you through It’s your life whatcha gonna do Make that change let’s start today Get outta bed get on your way Don’t be scared your dreams right there You want it reach for it

Add Music!

Hey, it may not be Mozart nor Shakespeare, but music and lyrics can have a bigger impact in your life than you think of. I recently joined Spotify and I am planning on sharing my music finds and listening more what others are listening, and giving music a bigger place in my life again. What kind of pat does music play in your life?

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