Stop Scheduling Your Fun, Start Living Fun

It suddenly came to me that this very Carnival Cruise Line commercial is exactly what’s wrong with many people. The commercial shows a dad who “seems different” because he is dancing, having fun, joking on a vacation and not talking about work, not tugging in his shirt and not checking his messages. It all looks so much fun. Don’t take me wrong, I want my husband to be that fun-loving guy in the commercial and I want my daughter to have the best time of her life with her family. And I absolutely want to go on that cruise because it all looks fantastic. Then what’s wrong with the picture? What’s wrong with the picture is that we live in a society where it’s a norm to have a sucky 9-5 job, feel comradery when we say “thank God it’s Friday” and “it feels like Monday” is a another way of saying “I’m feeling down”. What’s wrong with the picture is that we check our messages more often than talk with the people who are right in the front of us. What’s wrong with the picture is that we are like different people when we finally let go off the guard and are ourselves, and unfortunately not many people in our everyday lives see the real us. What’s wrong with the picture is that people need to go on a one week vacation to get a week off their sucky jobs, tough lives and daily grind they hate to only feel like they are living life to the fullest for one week a year, if they are lucky. Stop Scheduling Your Fun I want you to start thinking differently. Stop scheduling your fun and stop giving yourself a permission to be bored, unhappy, busy and ignorant. I know you tolerate the unhappy you for now because you think you will have fun and relax on Friday night, during the weekend or on your vacation. Start having more fun in your every day life. Start living fun. We watch TV and movies, and our definition of fun is laughing for the shows and being entertained. Why not turn off the TV and start living fun? When is the last time you invited friends over, just for fun? When is the last time you tried something new and something completely ridiculous? Bring more smiles in your everyday life. Use more humor. Laugh at yourself and make others laugh too. Do things that are plain silly, just because. Start thinking how you can incorporate more fun into your daily life, and how you can be that fun-loving, happy, think outside the box and relaxed person you can be. It’s OK to book a cruise or a vacation and practice letting go in a different more fun environment, but bring that vacation attitude back with you to your every day life. Maybe you just had that amazing summer vacation and now you feel like it was forever ago, and the rainy fall days are anything but the fun? Remember that the place you visited wasn’t the one that made you have fun – it was you. Your attitude of “going on a vacation to have fun”, you letting go, you relaxing, you giving yourself a permit not to worry about anything else but enjoying life. You made that vacation, that Friday night and that weekend fun. Now make your Monday fun and carpe the shit out of diem.

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