Snowboarders Teach Us to Live Life to The Fullest

I’ve already seen a few snowy pictures from Colorado and my friends at Park City Mountain Resort are gearing up for the November 19th opening day. It’s starting to feel like ski season, and it’s definitely time to gear up and get ready if you are a skier like me. But even if skiing or snowboarding isn’t for you… Please take time to watch these fun videos and get inspiration from these snowboarders how to live life to the fullest and read what we can learn from snowboarders.

Have Fun & Love What You Do Do What You Love

Are you one of those people who love saying TGIF on every single Friday? Wait for the weekend and for a break? Or are you one of those people who are excited it’s Monday and your week is starting? Are you spending more time “working” or “having fun”? Find your snowboarding. Find what makes you entirely free, what makes you want to unplug from it all, what makes you want to get back up and do it again, and again, even when your hands are freezing and you can’t feel your face anymore and your legs are burning but yet you still feel like you are living life like never before. Give yourself permit to have fun. I think in our society it’s almost forbidden to have fun unless you are going on a vacation. Read my post from last week and stop scheduling fun and start living fun. Dream big and don’t be afraid of failure. What I absolutely love about snowboarders they always dream bigger; deeper snow, bigger mountains, higher jumps. They always dream big and they practice until they make it, and they are not afraid of failure. In fact – they know they will probably not make the big jump on the first try, but the practice and the journey is part of the fun and pat of the process. They don’t expect instant gratification, and the snow day isn’t actually perfect or done until you fall down or until your body aches.

GIVIN Koia Montage from Jon Francis on Vimeo.

Never give up. And especially never give up on your dream. They say that nothing worth achieving comes easy, and I believe it. When it comes to our own successes we know we got to the end result with hard work and not giving up, however when we look at other people’s successes we only tend to see the end result, and not the hard journey they went through before getting there. The above snowboarding video is a reminder to never give up and keep working hard to land your success. Only the ones who fall down, and are willing to get up and give it a new try again and again will eventually land the big jump. What is your big dream today and what are you doing to achieve it? The first video is a Frends edit that was intended to be in the new Givin “ONE” snowboarding movie. Frends is lifestyle brand and platform that celebrates life through music, sport and fashion. Givin is a new production company whose goal is to show the lifestyle of snowboarding and inspire people via snowboarding movies. The above video didn’t make it to the movie on time, so enjoy it online. The second video is a clip from Givin.

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