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I admit, kids and I did most of our back to school shopping in New York City already in June, and the rest of the shopping we did online, and in the past two days, no big fuss. Kids are as ready for school as they ever will. But I do have a plan.. once kids start school next week – I will take a day off working and go shopping FOR ME. Long summer with kids, and we even traveled all the way to New York City and didn’t buy almost anything for me – I think I deserve it! Plus, my closet needs more stuff anyways, even my mother told me so. No, seriously, my mother visited us this summer and she asked where all my clothes and especially shoes were, if I still hadn’t unpacked everything from the move. Ouch. We moved in and unpacked everything in April. Yes, my closet took that kind of drastic hit in our move from New York to Sweden. I’ve been thinking of buying more clothes, but sort of waiting to fit into one size smaller, you know how that goes, right? I’m hoping to find out next week that I indeed can squeeze myself into some of these small European clothes here.

This is sort of how my fashion inspiration for the fall has looked most of the summer.. simple, fresh, stylish, but not too preppy. Colored jeans have been in my must buy list for so long that either I get them now, I or I will skip this trend completely. Navy blue blazer – have several in my closet, and if you don’t have one, get it now! My oldest navy blue blazer is over 20 years old.. my uncle’s old Hugo Boss cashmere blazer, and both my husband and I still use it (they may call it the boyfriend blazer, but I have the uncle blazer…). The second oldest is over 15 years old too, completely different cut, and so timeless that I still use it. The third one.. no seriously, I have several different cuts of navy (and black) blazers and I swear I have one for almost any situation. Oh, and ballet flats and big tote bag – they will still be trendy next year too, might as well get freshened up this fall on both departments. Now, when it comes to t-shirts, I typically wear solid colors, but Swedes are much more into prints (and stripes), and I think if I’m going for the “cool mom” look here, I need to upgrade my tees now with more spice. Arquebus Clothing Collection T-shirts from Make Direct ($17.95) have enough inspiration for me and the kids. The store where I have purchased the most clothes so far in town, is ESPRIT, and that’s probably where I will head next week too. Their tees are much more tame than the Arquebus tees, and probably more “mom” and these two completely looks look like me. You can’t go wring with stripes, and I love the ESPRIT skirts, I wear them with leggings, and there are the colored jeans again.. Oh, and last fall when school started in New York, I was sporting my high heels for school pick up, and some days I didn’t even get out of the car… but it felt so good to feel dressed better. This year I will be walking to school with kids and will do my everything not to embarrass my 12 year old, so will get some sporty walking shoes. Everyone and their mother is wearing Converse high tops here, and I can’t help but want to wear something different. I found some amazing shoes, like black high top sneakers from Replay and Novita and will go back to drool them. Lastly but not least… I need a new iPhone case, and I love the ones from Casetagram that you can create yourself from your Instagram photos. What does your back to school mom fashion look like? Get more ideas from Hollywood stylist Ali Levine on our #trendstues Pinterest board.

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