Bergdorf Goodman 111 Years of Luxury – Big Anniversay Event

Celebrating the non-round numbers is the new black, at least according to Bergdorf Goodman. Bergdorf Goodman will be throwing the biggest celebration ever on its 111th anniversary. Bergdorf Goodman’s 111th anniversary is on September 4th, and the number 111 doesn’t just signify the number of years in business, but the #1 status in every way Bergdorf Goodman holds. One store, in one city, one experience like nothing else. For the special 111th anniversary 111 designers designed 111 special limited edition products for the luxury retailer for each department of the store. You will also see special celebrations in the store, as well online to mark the big 1 1 1. If you want to feel like living life to the fullest in the city, I recommend skipping your way to Bergdorf Goodmans, at least to swoon over the celebrations and the new shop-in-shops and limited edition products. If you are on a tight budget, freeze your credit card in the freezer box a’la Shopaholic and just bring enough cash to get some cupcakes on the way home.

In store celebration

The Bergdorf Goodman store in the corner of 5th and 58th in New York City will celebrate its new shoe salons for the contemporary floor and in the men’s department. The first-ever shop-in-shops in the US for The Row and Valentino are revealed, and Christian Dior beauty shop is opened. The first floor will get a pop-up shop with the designer exclusives and the Little BG children’s department is expanded – now even more delicious with a candy bar. Designer installations, surprise on the windows, and much much more.

Social Media Celebration Online

While Bergdorf Goodman may be 111 years old, it is on the top with the latest social media trends, and very fashionable when it comes to using the correct tools. Not like we’d expect anything else from a leading luxury retailer. You can celebrate with Bergdorf Goodman on Facebook, where they will have one-week preview of limited-edition items created for the anniversary on their Facebook page “exclusively” for the fans. 5th/58th blog is getting a facelift, now with more social buttons. What I love the most is that they will also continue to publish its BG Stories series, asking people to submit their own stories about the retailer. Submit your BG Story here. The store has been celebrating its new shoe department and started “Shoes About Town” project on Instagram sharing and encouraging Instagrammers to share too photos of shoes against cityscapes or other creative backdrops. The original photos were used in the store installations, and were featured on the 5th/58th blog via an interactive map of the city. You can still Instagram your shoes in the city photos using #BGshoes. Last but not least… Bergdorf Goodman will celebrate the anniversary with a documentary film and a book. The book, Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf Goodman, is an anthology of personal recollections from notable designers, celebrities, writers and employees. The documentray film will be premiered on a private party at The Plaza (rumor goes), but you will be able to see it online for sure. The 90-minute documentary, “Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf’s,” offers a behind-the-scenes look at the Fifth Avenue retailer, as Director Matthew Miele asks designers, celebrities, clients, current and former employees and fashion personalities such as Karl Lagerfeld, Candice Bergen, Lauren Bush Lauren, Mary-Kate Olsen, Michael Kors, and Giorgio Armani to share their first Bergdorf shopping experiences as a child. source: WWD, Bergdorf Goodman

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