Louis Poulsen Artichoke Light Fixtures Shine in this Aarhus Penthouse


Louis Poulsen’s PH Artichoke steals the show

Aarhus in Denmark received a new landmark: a tall black tower has added its profile to the city skyline, the Aarhus City Tower. The developer, Hans Lorenzen, who prefers the title ‘bricklayer’, has gone to great lengths to get the perfect view over the city. He would appear to have succeeded: From his newly furnished 7,300-square-feet, two-story penthouse apartment, he can enjoy undisrupted views of the city. The 300-foot-tall Aarhus City Tower on Værkmestergade, not far from the Bruun’s Galleri shopping centre houses the Comwell hotel, among other tenants. Aarhus City Tower by arkitema architects Photo: Arkitema Architects The new landmark in Aarhus is impressive in the city’s skyline, and so is the penthouse apartment of Hans Lorenzen. He designed the apartment interior himself in cooperation with Arkitema Architects, and I am swooning over the Louis Poulsen light fixtures through out the apartment, they really take the center stage in this production. The lighting and light design was done in close cooperation with Louis Poulsen, whose Custom Design department developed and made the custom solutions such as the hoist, mounting brackets and ceiling canopies. artichoke by louis poulson in a long hallway in the aarhus tower penthouse The apartment has numerous windows around the perimeter providing an amazing experience of light and space. Daylight plays a major role in the apartment, and the PH Artichoke lamps look stunning design elements during the daytime. artichoke lamp in aarhus penthouse The first thing visitors encounter is the large central atrium with a 40-foot ceiling. In the middle of this impressive room, a polished brass PH Artichoke, 47.2 inches in diameter, has pride of place. Despite its size and strong presence, the light blends harmoniously into the room. Importantly, the fixture is equipped with an electric hoist, allowing it to be cleaned without scaffolding. artichoke lamps in aarhus tower 22 PH Artichokes with varying diameters are also used as general lighting throughout much of the apartment. artichoke lamps in a danish penthouse The PH Artichokes are literally built into the ceiling, with specially designed brackets mounted in the concrete structure. The ceiling canopy is very simple and integrated into the ceiling, allowing access to the driver, concealed in the ceiling space. Danish minimal penthouse with modern kitchen The apartment features quite a mix of styles. Each room has its own atmosphere and furnishings. In addition to the PH Artichokes throughout, variegated lighting is used which highlights the individuality of each room. ph-artichoke-hans-lorendzen-arhus-03 The bathrooms feature polished marble and gold and brass fixtures. The lighting is indirect and supplemented by a brass chandelier or PH Artichoke, which helps create a comfortable atmosphere in the relatively large rooms. The bath in one of the bathrooms is set close to the window, where one can enjoy views over Aarhus, undisturbed by any neighbors. ph-artichoke light fixture in bathroom In addition to Hans Lorenzen’s private apartment, Aarhus City Tower is home to a hotel and offices. Tenants include Bech-Bruun, Deloitte and the Comwell hotel chain, which has 240 rooms and conference facilities for 1,000 people. While you can’t quite get Mr. Lorenzen’s style in the Comwell hotel, you can still enjoy modern Danish atmosphere. Comwell hotel bathroom Comwell hotel in Aarhus Tower. comwellaarhus.dk Story and photos via Louis Poulsen

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