I heart my Volvo

I received this I heart my Volvo coffee mug from the boys today. My husband and son had a boys’ day out, and they took the car serviced, ate lunch downtown and got hair cuts (they both look so cute now).

The coffee mug – from the Volvo service place, isn’t it just perfect for me?

I really love my car, even though I’m getting teased because of it (we could buy two Subarus – the ultimate Colorado car- for the same price). I don’t really think Volvo as a luxury car – I’m from Finland, and over there every third car is a Volvo, so it’s not like a status thing for me to have one.

Our V70 is our second Volvo and what really sold the car for me was the integrated child booster seats and the safety features. But there are a few things that make buying and owning a Volvo just plain pleasure, and make me sometimes forget that we chose the car for the safety sake, not just because it’s a kick butt family car.

A few reasons why I heart my Volvo:
– The customer service in Volvo dealers and service places is just impeccable.

– The trip to Europe to pick the car up was awesome.

– Some nice features such as automatic windshield wipers (the more it rains, the faster they work), the heated leather seats, knowing how many miles I can still drive before I need to fill the tank. And the radio control in the steering wheel, and the light control in the keys (for the “home safe” lights), and many more.

– The extra seat in the trunk for kids. It’s still a small car, but seats 7.

– And especially this:

Just kidding :)

Thanks for the mug for the Volvo Car Clinic of Durango!

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