The Mommies United – Excellent Mommy Synergy

I would like say a warm congrats for Christine, Amanda, Kristin and Shanda for launching a new Mommy-site called The Mommies United. These four mommy bloggers united together to form a very unique review blog.

They are having a Site Launching Party with lots of great things to win. My favorites are the My hip-T muffin top cover, I mean, My hip-T’s hip-tees, Booty Pop panties and the Baby and Me Boutique 100$ gift card would be amazing to win!

What really makes this new review blog unique, is that they offer “mega reviews” – they each post a review of a product in their individual sites and then one “united” review at The Mommies United linking to the other four reviews, so you as a Mommy will get four individual opinions of the same product, and the business owners will get 5 reviews of their product to help to spread the word. While many other websites “compete” of the readers and do not wish their individual writers to post about the same issues in their own blogs, The Mommies United shows that synergy works better.

Synergy refers to the phenomenon in which two or more discrete influences or agents acting together create an effect greater than that predicted by knowing only the separate effects of the individual agents. In plain language, synergy is a phenomenon where 1+1=3.

The four moms get more traffic to their individual blogs from their joint-blog, the readers get more opinions and the small business owners like myself get a whole lot more for a buck by sending a product for a site like this than in the sites where cross-posting is prevented.

When we work together, everyone wins. While living in the competitive society it is so refreshing to see something like The Mommies United formed. We all should think The Mommies United as an example of synergy and think of ways to help each others out.

Think of ideas how you can get united with other mommies in your every day life, and how it makes everybody’s lives easier.

Some ideas:
– It really doesn’t take longer to make the spaghetti dinner for 12 than cooking it for 4. Make a dinner sharing ring with a few friends. You cook one day for all two or three families, next day it’ll be your friend bringing the dinner for you and you have saved time for something else.

– Baby-sitting circle. Make a schedule with 4-6 of your friends – 2 will baby-sit everybody’s kids one day of a week, the other Moms can do something else. This of course depends on the age and amount of children.

– Driving the kids to school takes a lot of time – car pool. This is ecological too!

Do you have a way how you have united with your friends to make everybody’s lives easier? Share it with others.
  1. I agree YOU ROCK! That is who we are and I think people/companies can relate with that.

    Let me tell you something recently that made my life easier and we came together to help one another out. I had a friend over to study for finals. While she made up fake tests and I asked her questions we both gave and took. Thus when our grades were just posted it turned out we helped one another out. Talk about a friend, anyhow I guess this isn’t anything new for college students but it was nice!

    Muffin top cover..rofl you crack me up! Thanks again for your kindness you rock!

  2. What an awesome post! It really describes what we are trying to do! thanks! And thanks for joining our party!

  3. Just to clarify what Shanda said, we do not charge anything for reviews or a button display on Mommies United!

  4. What an awesome post about us! thank you! You hit the nail on the head…coming together to promote other parents businesses. And we are not charging huge expensive ad fees to advertise businesses. Isn’t that great. We feel word of mouth/posts are the best way to advertise. Real Mommy testimonials. Thanks Shanda

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