I’m the Mile High Mamas’ Mama Blogger of the Month!

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Yes, you read it – you can read an interview of me at a very cool parenting website Mile High Mamas today. I am the Mama Blogger of the Month!

It is such an honor for me to be the Mama Blogger of the Month on this particular site. Mile High Mamas is a resource, parenting and entertaining site for local Colorado moms. I was just delighted to be in their blogroll and be a proud “Colorado Blogger”, even though I am just a fresh transplant and have been in the South-West Colorado less than two years.

But a Mama Blogger of the Month? Thank you Amber, you have no idea how much this means to me!

See, the bloggers behind the Mile High Mamas are everything but novice.

These blogging queens (and one king) united in the Mile High Mamas have been known for their fun writing style for a while. The master mind behind the site is Amber, the Crazy Bloggin’ Canuck and the other writers include Aimee – you know her blog Greeblemonkey, right? – and Julie from mothergoosemouse, and she is also the co-founder of Parent Bloggers among many other sites she writes for. Mile High Mamas bloggers are one talented group and no wonder the readers way beyond Colorado love reading this blog from the mountains.

Another reason to be very honored … The January blogger was Sarah, who writes Imaginary Binky and the February girl was Amy from Crunchy Domestic Goddess.

Wow. I just can’t believe I am in the same group. Thank you so much!

Ps. Visiting from Mile High Mamas..?

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