Naava Green Walls Let You Breathe Fresh Air


My Naava Story

In 2018, when I was volunteering at a startup conference Arctic15 the first time I came across these green walls from Naava whilst walking around in an astronaut suit (that’s another story!). From what I could hear through the helmet (it’s very difficult to hear what’s happening around you in the helmet) was that this green wall was smarter than any green wall I’d seen before.   Later that year, I was able to get a better understanding of what Naava is and does at the largest startup event of the Nordics, Slush. I learned about Naava’s mission to bring fresh air indoors using plants that have been rigorously tested to be the best at purifying the air through the microbes in the roots. Today, I work at Naava as a videographer and wanted to tell you a bit about their products.  

Indoor Air Quality Matters

We spend 90% of our time indoors, breathing in 10,000 liters of indoor air, even though indoor air is rarely optimal for our health. The human body is not made for the synthetic indoor air that consists of evaporated chemicals, emissions, air pollutants, and street dust particles that flow through mechanical ventilation. These spaces stop you from performing your best, draining your happiness, health, and productivity.  At Naava they are reconnecting humanity with nature by bringing nature indoors, to create healthier and happier workplaces. Naava’s green walls are fully automated products combining natural innovation with future technology and Scandinavian design to bring nature and fresh air indoors, making them the smartest green walls on the planet. 

The new N-series

Best made better. The new N-Series updates the entire product line, advancing the design to reach Naava’s standards of quality and sustainable values. The minimalistic design is inspired by nature with colors and shapes of Nordic nature, while the technology hidden inside the frame is smarter and user-friendlier.  Naava’s increased standards for sustainability are at every step of the product lifecycle, starting from manufacturing. The new N-series uses: 
  • 45% less raw materials
  • 49% less aluminum
  • 45% less plastic
  • 48% less electronic material
    With Naava you never have to worry about killing your plants because it’s easy to communicate with them using the Naava Application to monitor the Naava wall in real-time. Over-the-air updates keep your Naava smart and ready. In the new year 2021 the new N-series will be shipping in Finland, then Scandinavia and Europe, and shipping elsewhere later in 2021.  Naava at home! The new series launch also brings news that Naava will soon be available for your home office! 

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