Elevate Your Helsinki Experience: The Grand Debut of The Hotel Maria

Treat yourself like a Queen

Can’t wait for this stunning new addition to Helsinki’s luxury hotel scene to open: The Hotel Maria. The Hotel Maria is set to open its grand heritage doors in December 2023 as a member of Preferred Hotels & Resorts’ prestigious Legend Collection. This will be the brand’s first Legend hotel in Finland. You can book your room now. Read about other Prefered Hotels & Resorts hotels at Skimbaco.  The Hotel Maria will make trips to Helsinki even more luxurious and is set to start a new era in luxury hospitality that’s exclusively designed to cater to travelers who are used to expecting a certain level of cosmopolitan luxury. I always say that Nordic luxury is drinking champagne while wearing wool socks and viewing a sea view, and The Maria Hotel looks like it is far from the Nordic luxury we’re used to. The Hotel Maria stands proudly in the heart of historical Helsinki on Mariankatu, within the residential area of Kruununhaka, conveniently situated within walking distance are several iconic attractions, including the Helsinki Cathedral, the vibrant Market Square, and Esplanade Park. Helsinki is one of Europe’s most walkable cities, and in addition to attractions, you’ll feel the gentle sea breeze from the Gulf of Finland when you stroll through the historic streets of Kruununhaka. The Hotel Maria is just around the corner from the presidential palace, making it the perfect choice for state guests. Each Independence Day there is a televised Independence Day event hosted by the president, and I can see The Hotel Maria hosting guests getting ready for the big event, and returning from the presidential palace.

The Hotel Maria

Here is what the hotel is promising in anticipation of the opening. The Hotel Maria consists of four different buildings built between 1885 and 1930, originally designed by architect Evert E. Lagerspetz. As you step into The Hotel Maria, you’re greeted with a tranquil modern design and stunning attention to detail. Gorgeous heritage doors swing open to reveal a lobby bathed in warm, enchanting light from mesmerizing crystal chandeliers. The walls tell tales of history and refinement, seamlessly blending with an elegant, contemporary design and classical elements. The Hotel Maria seems to be a fusion of Finnish heritage of stunning restored old buildings, and intercontinental luxury of American-style furnishings from Restoration Hardware. I’ve walked by the hotel tens of times, and it looks amazing outside, and very Helsinki, but the interior pictures remind me of many other luxury hotels you could expect in any capital of the world, or in Las Vegas. The suites have large American-style beds, but some of the suites also have traditional Finnish-style in-room saunas.   The Hotel Maria boasts 117 unique guest rooms, including 38 suites. They market that it’s not just a place to stay; it’s a destination within a destination and includes a luxurious spa, two restaurants and two bars, a fitness center, a shop, and outdoor areas with terraces. The Maria Hotel also includes a chapel, and banquet and event facilities perfect for weddings or other events. As a local, I hope it is not going to be just a place to recommend for visitors, but that it will become a place for locals to love and feel welcome too.  

The Hotel Maria Branding

The hotel branding was done by The O Group in New York. As a Finn, I kind of would like to dislike the fact the hotel branding was not done by a Nordic agency, but I admit: the branding is stunning. The branding was inspired by the original architectural details of the hotel buildings, and vintage maps of the area. The hotel’s signature flower is the lily of the valley, a national flower of Finland. The lily of the valley symbolizes purity, sincerity, and happiness, embodying the delightful experience that The Hotel Maria wishes for all its guests.   You’ll find the flowers throughout the hotel.   I mean come on. This is perfection. While branding was done in New York – the hotel concept was done locally in Finland. Behind this luxury hotel concept is accomplished Samppa Lajunen, a name known not only in the business world but also as a three-time Olympic gold medalist, representing Finland in Nordic combined sports. His commitment to excellence has driven him to create the best luxury hotel experience in the Nordics, and The Hotel Maria is the embodiment of this dream.  
The Hotel Maria is a significant new arrival on the Finnish hotel scene, offering a new alternative and service experience for guests who appreciate Nordic hospitality and a refined luxury hotel experience. Samppa Lajunen, founder and Portfolio Manager of Samla Capital, the company financing the hotel project.

The Maria Behind The Hotel Maria

Yes, there is a Maria behind The Hotel Maria. The hotel’s name is inspired by Grand Duchess Maria Feodorovna, a royal of Nordic descent who was born as Princess Dagmar of Denmark. She was celebrated among her fellow royals for her grace, captivating beauty, and intelligence, and her life was a tapestry of various cultures. Maria was a true cosmopolitan of her time, with connections across Europe that united people beyond national borders. When the pressures of royal life became too overwhelming, Maria often found solace in Finland, which she considered her sanctuary. For decades, people from wanderers to world leaders have followed in her footsteps, seeking peace and tranquility in the pure and natural beauty of Finland. The Hotel Maria aims to offer that very sanctuary to all who pass through its doors – a place to soothe the soul, emerge renewed, and relish in the tranquility that only Finland can offer. Maria’s kindness and her ability to make a sincere impact on everyone she met, never forgetting a face or a name, have been the driving force behind the hotel’s commitment to providing outstanding and personalized service. This grace and dedication are woven into the DNA of The Hotel Maria, reflecting every aspect of the guest experience.

Welcome to Helsinki

It’s time to start planning your next trip to Helsinki and a stay at The Hotel Maria. Sounds like it is offering a haven of luxury wrapped in the warm embrace of Finnish heritage. Learn more about The Hotel Maria and Preferred Hotels.   Photos: The Hotel Maria/ Jaakko Puro Oy / The O Group   

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