Which One Teaches You More: Success or Failure?

You know the saying about making lemonade out of lemons?

My sister always says there are no failures, either you succeed or you learn. Maybe I was raised that way too. I still make a lot of mistakes. Like we had made some kind of a mistake with our payment gateway on our site, and we were not able to get payments through for several days after we launched. It’s now fixed – so if you want to start the Big Rich Money E-course today, you can!

Have you learned more from your success or when you have failed?

What I have learned from success:

1. You can replicate success when you analyze it and make it a system. 2. You get cocky when you succeed too much, and sometimes, you get lazy. 3. Success gives you the self-confidence to make bigger goals.  

What I have learned from failures:

1. Sometimes you fail because of the situation, and it doesn’t have anything to do with your skills. Sometimes you really need to learn more. 2. You get humble, and you’ll get more empathy for others. 3. You can replicate failures, so make sure you analyze and not do the same mistakes twice.   Most importantly: you can succeed even if you just failed but you learned from it, or you can succeed without failing if you learn from other people’s mistakes. I was already speaking at conferences around the world when I had had multiple marketing success stories and won awards. But I learned the most when I had a few client cases where the companies failed despite my success-achieving marketing strategy and tactics, something I was so used to delivering to clients.
You need much more than marketing in order to make your business profitable and successful.
This is why I created Big Rich Money with Candice Kilpatrick Brathwaite. To share some of the marketing success secrets, and then the seven deadly mistakes companies make – and how to prevent them. Learning from other people’s mistakes comes so much cheaper than making those mistakes yourself. I wish I had known sooner that our payment gateway was not working, but today I am just so thankful someone pointed out our mistake. Sometimes that’s all that’s needed – someone else pointing out a mistake and then the money gates can open. Are you ready for your money gates to open? Then Big Rich Money might be for you.  

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