Marketing For Introverted Entrepreneurs

July 14, 2021 Katja Presnal

Marketing For Introverted Entrepreneurs

Is there a way to make marketing yourself easier? (Spoiler: yes!)

Marketing is fun, they say.

I think and say that marketing is fun! Then why it can be so difficult to market yourself?

It’s difficult also for me. An award-winning marketing strategist who has spoken in conferences around the world – about marketing.

This was one of the questions I’ve had in my mind during the writing process of our book Big Rich Money: How To Turn Your Business Intentions Into A Profitable Company (with Candice Kilpatrick Brathwaite) and creating the Big Rich Money E-course for entrepreneurs.

Why marketing yourself as an entrepreneur is so difficult, especially if you are an introverted woman?

And more importantly: how to make it easier?

As an introvert, the pandemic hiding at home worked well for me. I didn’t have to think of any excuses why I’d rather have a Zoom call instead of a meeting. Social media has worked really well for me too, I can hide behind the screen, and still help and connect with thousands of people.

But what’s next? I can’t stay home forever, and at some point, I have to start creating more video content too, because maybe even you would rather watch this info in a Reel or TikTok format in one-minute segments? (Please tweet me and let me know how you like to consume content!)

Maybe you are in the same situation and feel it’s time to pick up on your marketing and start thriving in the post-pandemic world.

You can hack marketing!

Marketing other people, brands, and companies comes naturally to me. I can easily see why someone’s product or service is a fit for someone else, and it makes me feel like I am just like a matchmaker bringing people together with things or services they need. I am doing a service, really!

But it is not as easy to promote yourself without feeling that you are bragging. It is not always even easy to see how you are different from others – and how that is a good thing.

I get it, the struggle is real, and honestly, I don’t know how old, how experienced, and what would have to happen that I would not feel a little discomfort when marketing myself.

That’s why I have developed multiple hacks and ways how I can market myself in a way that feels natural to me but also gets the results I want.

Of course, you will learn even more and excel in marketing after reading the book and taking our e-course Big Rich Money, but here are some quick pointers to get you started.

6 Best Marketing Tips For Introverted Entrepreneurs

1. Join or build a community of like-minded people

Start by just getting to know people without thinking about how you can benefit from them or how you can sell to them. Learn what they do, and openly tell what you offer. You can practice your sales pitch and marketing messages with people with who you feel comfortable. When you connect with your potential customers, you can be extra helpful when you can mention products and services your other entrepreneur friends offer too. They will do the same about your products when they meet new people. This happens naturally when you are a part of communities and get to know people.

You are welcome to join our community Insider Society.

2. Use your introvert superpower

If you don’t like to be the one talking, most likely you are better at listening. And that’s a great thing!! It’s one of the most important skills of a marketer. Become curious about learning everything about your customer. Ask questions, and then as more questions. Get to know your competitors and get to know your customers. Let your customer be the center of attention, and let them tell you everything they want, need, and desire. And then once you know your product is exactly what they want, you don’t even have to sell it that much to make the sale. You already know they will love it.

3. Provide value to others

Right now your ideal customers are living their lives in need of your product or service. You are doing them a service by providing it for them! Buying from you will make them happy, more productive, feel smart, feel pretty, or they will save money or time. You have to know how you are delivering that value for your customer, and when you focus on the value, it will be easier for you to market it. Share your knowledge, and focus on the benefits you are providing to your customers, not just why you and your product are the best.

4. Find the marketing platforms where you feel comfortable

The best way to know what platforms work for you is to go where your customers are. Social media is great for us introverts, so use it to your benefit. Videos are currently the best way to do marketing and share your authentic story. If you can create video content where you tell about your company and products, you are way ahead of a lot of others, including me. If not, do not worry. It is much better to do marketing in a way that feels natural and comfortable to you, and your brand, than trying to do exactly what everyone else is doing. Test and find the marketing platforms that work the best for you. You don’t have to be everywhere. And even if you want to – you can focus on 1-2 channels and then use automation tools to syndicate content to others. Keep your marketing simple.

5. You can market yourself without talking about yourself

You can curate content from your industry. You can tell success stories from your happy customers. You can tell about other people in your company, or who were the inspirations behind your company or product. You can serve and help people without talking about yourself all the time.

6. Create a brag list, a kickass introduction, awesome sales pitch, and remind yourself how amazing you are

I know introverts who have very high self-esteem, but just in case, you can also practice lifting your self-confidence up and pushing down the imposter syndrome that might peek its head every now and then. Write down all of the reasons why you are good at what you do, why your product is exceptional, and how you stand out from others. Create an accomplishment list so you can go back to remind yourself how amazing you are, right before the sales pitch or before going on the podcast interview (by the way, podcasts are great for introverts because you don’t have to even be on camera or front of a lot of people). If you have a hard time writing it – ask for reviews and recommendations from other people. When I have a bad day, I go and read what other people have written about me on LinkedIn.

It’s Not Bragging When It Helps Others

Candice and I knew that we are marketing our book to people who don’t know us yet, so we too had to create our own brag list of our professional accomplishments so our readers and customers would know we know what are talking about – and we didn’t just come up with our theories and methods last year when we sat home.

We also wanted to create an example in the book, how you too can think of a variety of things that might be clout-worthy in the front of your ideal customer.

I sat in an audio studio earlier this week, sweating uncomfortably because I had to read our brag list aloud for our audiobook. “This is disgusting bragging!” I kept thinking. “This is really uncomfortable to read aloud,” I told to the audio guy and continued explaining that this is not the way I usually introduce myself and I was hoping he didn’t think I am full of myself.

But I did it.

We wrote our kickass professional yet fun introduction in our book, and we recorded it in our audiobooks (I am recording the Finnish version of the book, Candice is recording the English audiobook of Big Rich Money).

We know what we are talking about. Our advice will change the businesses of womxn entrepreneurs. We’ve gotten results for others, so why wouldn’t our methods help you too?

It is not bragging, when it is telling the facts. When you establish yourself as a professional, and you highlight what you know and what you offer, you are providing value and helping others to solve problems.

Ultimately, your marketing is not about you. It’s about your customers. When I look at our “brag list” introduction, these are the level of results and experiences I want to deliver to hundreds or thousands of entrepreneurs through Big Rich Money. Right now, this might be our list, but ultimately, it is a list example we want our customers to create for themselves – whatever the highlighted accomplishments or experiences in their own field and life would be.

Big Rich Money Creators’ Introduction Brag List

Direct quote from Big Rich Money: How To Turn Your Business Intentions Into A Profitable Company book. Book will be out on August 9, 2021. Sign up for our newsletter to get notified when the book is out.

In the past fifteen years we have had these Big Rich Money experiences:

• Been headhunted for some of the largest marketing agencies in the world.

• Won American Advertising Awards.

• Held corporate marketing jobs.

• Experienced fully sponsored and paid travel all over the world, staying in luxury hotels and dining in the best restaurants.

• Been paid to do a wine tasting and a champagne tasting.

• Been at the table as multi-million dollar contracts for partnerships were signed.

• Had the passwords for some of the most recognizable brand social media accounts in the world.

• Met, interviewed, and oftentimes shared a meal with dozens of celebrities and high-profile business leaders, even with a NASA astronaut.

• Been hired to consult for a range of impressive clients, from fine artists to disruptive tech companies.

• Spoken at conferences around the world as marketing and lifestyle experts.

• Been featured in magazines like Forbes, New York Times, and Advertising Age.

The two of us met at a social media conference in Chicago in 2009, and since then we have worked together multiple times. Our work together has taken us from New York City to London, to Helsinki, Finland. As marketing strategists, we’ve created large viral campaigns, managed social media for large brands, and seen our clients receive millions of dollars in funding or sales.

Start Your Big Rich Money Success Story Now

Your turn. Your turn to make all of your entrepreneurial and life goals a reality. Even if you are an introvert, or have been stuck for a while, or not sure how you could grow your business anymore, or that you really just hate marketing.

Big Rich Money e-course is open for pre-enrollments already now, and we will show you step by step how to create the business and marketing foundation you need in order to make your company more profitable. Just a warning, you might start liking marketing just a little bit, when you start seeing your results after this course.

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