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I believe sometimes the worst in life can become the best in life.
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I know many have problems and sorrow in their life; sick child, trouble with a spouse, fear the upcoming recession might eat your business, fear of loosing a house or job, and trying to make ends meet.

I have problems too, and sometimes when you find out your dog has cancer and you miscarry a baby in the same month, it does feel like life is giving you too many bitter lemons.

What should you do when life gives you lemons? Lemonade! Inspired by this thought and all the response I got from my latest post, I wanted to start a “LEMONADE MEME” to inspire all of us to believe in the best in life.


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We lived in Cleveland, Ohio in 2005, when my husband was offered a corporate job in Tennessee. The salary felt like winning a lottery. We put our house on the market, and moved.

We started building our dream house and for months I designed, shopped and thought of every little detail of our “dream house” of over 4000 sqft.

The closing date became closer, and our house in Ohio hadn’t sold yet.

Two hours before the final walk through, my husband heard a rumor his company might loose a contract and he might eventually loose his job.

We did not buy our dream house.

Thankfully we had a clause that we didn’t have to purchase the house, if our other house wasn’t sold yet, and we used it. It was one of the most difficult decisions we’ve ever made.

The builder was mad, and didn’t pay our deposit back, nor paid for us for the flooring, tiles, light fixtures, appliances or anything else we had already paid for.

My husband never really liked the job, and we didn’t wait for the rumors to come true (they eventually did). He quit his job a few days later, without a new job (to job-hunt). We had also only a few days left in the lease we had signed.

We were unemployed, soon to be homeless, lost a lot of money to a house we never lived in and paid mortgage to another house in a different state.

My husband got a job in Colorado and we were on the road driving to Colorado two weeks later. Now instead of working long days in the corporate job he hated, he works only every other week saving people. Every other week he spends home with me and the kids. This also made it possible for me to start my own business. During winters we ski, during summers we enjoy the nature surrounding us. The altitude and weather have significantly improved our daughter’s asthma and we are all happy and love it here.

We finally found a place we want to stay for longer, even though it took more than just one or two bitter lemons on the way.

What’s your story?

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