Say THIS & Your Tween/Teen Will NEVER Want a Tattoo

Remember the story about a teen girl who fell asleep at the tattoo parlor and got 56 stars in her face? If your tween/teen wants a tattoo and that story isn’t enough to stop her/him, here is how you will get her/him never want or get a tattoo. Ever. My oldest one is going to middle-school and we have been already having a lot of talk with her about older kids, puberty, and growing up. And all of the things that tweens and teens are temped to do, especially those that parents don’t want them to do. One night during dinner we started talking about tattoos. The talk went something like this… “Isabella, if you will ever get a tattoo, I will get a tattoo on my arm that says “Isabella’s Mom” and come and pick you up from school every single day waving my arm so everyone can see it.” “What about Gaby..? What will you do if Gaby gets a tattoo?” “My other arm will say “Gaby’s Mom” then.” But those three kids are so smart. They figured I’d run out of arms so I just said… “Well… if one of you will ever get a tattoo I will get a tattoo on my chest that says “Presnal kids ate here” with an arrow pointing to my boobs. And come and pick you up from school with a low cut top. Every day.” And that’s how your teen will never get a tattoo.

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