Finnish Design: Gedigo Home Organizing Products

I’m in love with Gedigo. Gedigo is a Finnish company that makes organizing and other home products. Gedigo’s products are made of durable natural materials like cotton, linen, wool, wood, reindeer skin and leather. Yes, you read it right – reindeer.

Piece of Finland Reindeer Hide Collection from Gedigo

Gedigo, piece of finland, Finnish Design, reindeer skins, reindeer hide They have a newer collection called Piece of Finland, which included reindeer hides for home decorating. I am craving for a few of the reindeer seat covers for terrace seating for spring and fall. Do you have any idea how warm reindeer skin is? Gedigo, piece of finland, Finnish Design, reindeer skins

Coastal Living and Home Town Collections

I love Gedigo’s Finnish approach to design – everyday items should also look beautiful, but they should always be functional. Gedigo products are perfect for people on the go, and with active lifestyles. For example their home organization products like the ones in the Coastal Living category are perfect for your home – or your home away. You can easily take your medical bag or laundry bag with you for country weekend, or when you go sailing for the weekend. Whether you are on your summer house or at home (or college dorm), laundry will look good – and portable. Gedigo, piece of finland, Finnish Design, reindeer skins Same goes with the toiletry and other bags – they work for traveling and home. These products are perfect for people who live Skimbaco lifestyle. Check out Gedigo online store for prices and more products.

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