IKEA’s New Modular Kitchen SEKTION Makes Custom Dream Kitchens Possible for Everyone

IKEA SEKTION New Kitchen system for 2015

IKEA SEKTION kitchen system comes to stores in February

I have been waiting this IKEA kitchen announcement, and the first photos for weeks now, and it’s finally here! What a timing – we are in a process of purchasing a house, and kitchen remodeling will be in order sometime this year. I already know that I want an IKEA kitchen, even before I saw these first photos of the new SEKTION system. Many of my friends have IKEA kitchens, and we already saw IKEA’s new kitchen system in Sweden last year, and I loved it. Just in! IKEA announced its new kitchen system SEKTION IKEA just announced the launch of SEKTION, a new, versatile kitchen system that will hit the stores in the USA on February 2, 2015. The new modular kitchen will be replacing the current kitchen system AKURUM. SEKTION makes it possible to create truly customizable solutions, regardless of the size and shape of your kitchen space. This means you will basically be able to create a custom kitchen for the fraction of the price of a typical custom kitchen. But that’s not all. SEKTION offers new features such as more modularity, “drawers within drawers,” inside drawer organization, and integrated lighting, making it possible for all DIYers to create the kitchen of their dreams for the fraction of the cost a typical custom dream kitchen would cost. ikea kitchen system SEKTION designed function in mind When they say “custom look,” they really mean it. The SEKTION system comes in several finishes, colors and styles, from trendy black and grey to traditional white to sleek brown wood. ikea sektion traditional kitchen 2015 What I really love the best though is the custom designing you can do inside the cabinets and drawers! drawers inside drawers - brilliant kitchen storage IKEA redesigned everything for SEKTION. The frames, the doors, the hinges, the drawers – everything! They completely renewed what we have thought as a modular kitchen before. So if you’ve locked your kitchen dreams away because you didn’t think you had the space, the time or the money – or because you simply couldn’t find a kitchen that was “you” enough – take a look at SEKTION. And get ready to set those kitchen dreams free. I know I am. I can’t wait their new kitchen design tool for SEKTION also launches as the system hits the stores to start planning my dream kitchen. ikea sektion system kitchen organization drawers

9 Awesome Details

1. Cabinets are available multiple heights: 15, 20, 30 and 40 inches. With drawer heights as small as 5 inches and door fronts as tall as 60 inches, you can make your kitchen look as traditional or as modern as you like. 2. Different sized cabinets can easily be designed side by side. Meaning that you can put two 15 inch cabinets right next to a 30 inch one, and they fit perfectly together. drawer inside the drawer 3. You can have much more imagination with the size of the drawers, and for example keep all of the drawer fronts the same unified size, but have drawers inside the drawers in different sizes. This way you will get the functional kitchen you want, without sacrificing the style. ikea sektion drawers amazing for organization 4. Drawers come in two price points, making it possible for anyone to have a custom designed kitchen. 5. Also new and awesome: the cabinet bases will be available in both white and dark brown making it easier to match with different cabinet door/drawer colors. 6. All cabinet base boxes will have matching cover caps will be available to hide the pre-drilled holes, making it easy to use the IKEA SEKTION kitchen boxes also as open shelving. ikea sektion wall unit kitchen 7. New VARIERA drawer organizers in bamboo and high gloss plastic turn your inner spaces into beautiful places. You will have so much fun designing the insides of your drawers and cabinets. 8. The new suspension rail makes installation even easier. Simply attach the rail to the wall, hang the cabinets and lock them in place. So easy one person can do it! IKEA new lighting system for kitchens 9. Alongside SEKTION, IKEA launched two new series of lighting. With features like corner modules, electrical and USB outlets, remote control dimming and in-drawer lighting you’re sure to get exactly the lighting you want.

A couple of examples with prices

To give you an idea of a price point, here are two examples. The total price includes cabinets, fronts, drawers, interior shelving, hinges, toe kicks, legs, and cover panels. NOTE: the countertops, sinks, faucets, knobs and handles, appliances and lighting are sold separately.
SEKTION 10'×10' kitchen with BROKHULT light gray walnut effect doors, drawer fronts, GREVSTA stainless steel drawer fronts and MAXIMERA soft-closing drawers $2,799
SEKTION 10’×10′ kitchen with BROKHULT light gray walnut effect doors, drawer fronts, GREVSTA stainless steel drawer fronts and MAXIMERA soft-closing drawers $2,799
 SEKTION kitchen with LAXARBY black-brown doors, drawer fronts andMAXIMERA soft-closing drawers $2199
SEKTION kitchen with LAXARBY black-brown doors, drawer fronts andMAXIMERA soft-closing drawers $2,199
What do you think? Could you tackle designing your own kitchen with the IKEA SEKTION system?

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