Last Minute Couple’s Halloween Costume Idea: Clark Kent & Lois Lane

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Clark Kent and Lois Lane hit the town

We attended a superhero-themed party at Universal Studios and at first, we didn’t really think we were going to dress up, but as our trip date got closer and closer, we all decided to give it a go. With clothes from our closet and a Superman tee and some hair gel — we turned into Lois Lane and Clark Kent! superhero-family-halloween-costume- We debate whether to dress up or not always before Halloween and make up our minds last minute. Last year we dressed up collectively in Alice in Wonderland theme, the year before we were all zombified in Victorian-style outfits. I have to say that buying a Halloween costume with all bells and whistles really made it easy, and I loved our Alice in Wonderland costumes, but it also lacked a little imagination because we simply just got everything from the costume store. I love homemade DIY outfits – but only when I don’t have to spend hours and hours making them (like this witch costume). The Clark Kent and Lois Lane costumes are my favorites so far because we dressed up together!   Clark Kent and Lois Lane Halloween costume for couples

DIY Clark Kent & Lois Lane costumes – with clothes you actually want to wear

If you are lucky, you will not even have to buy many things, and most of the clothes and accessories you already have in your closet. All you really need are “office clothes” and press badges, and Superman t-shirts and you are good to go. You can find Superman t-shirts from several stores. Target sells them for around $14.99, but we found some at T.J.Maxx for only $7.99. Easiest way to get one – order your Superman t-shirt from Amazon, several styles available. We inserted our own pictures to press badges. Press badges for clark kent and lois lane

Lois Lane costume shopping list

Lois Lane costume - shopping list what you need for your superhero Halloween costume 1. White button-up shirt. 2. Black Stretch Suit Skirt icon ($17.99).. See more pencil skirts. 3. Mine is super soft leather and by Donna Karan, but it’s an old belt and not available anymore. But try this Italian red leather belt, only for $29.99. 4. Pictured: MICHAEL Michael Kors Georgia Ankle Strap Two-Piece Pumps ($135). Try some other  Michael Kors Classic Pumps  5. Notebook – check out the notebooksicon here. 6. Lois Lane did not have a superhero costume under her clothes… but if you are going alone and/or as Clark Kent, add a Superman t-shirt under your shirt. 7. Add eye-glasses if you wish – the original Lois Lane did not wear glasses, but many of the movie and TV-adaptations do. 8. Daily Planet press badge. clark kent lois lane press badge daily planet Click to get bigger version

Clark Kent costume shopping list

clark-kent-superman-costume 1. Sharp Fit Dress Shirt by Hugo Boss. 2. Slim-fit black pants 3. Superman t-shirt $10.99 4. Red tie, $8.95 5. Fake eye-glasses from Amazon $7.99 6. Black suspenders from Amazon $6.99. 7. Black Wingtip Shoes.      Disclosure: contains affiliate links.

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