We Believe In This Shark Tank Advice So Much That We Are Giving Our Workbook For Free

How many times you’ve watched a movie, read a book, or attended a conference or retreat and learned new exciting things? How many times you’ve thought “well, this is a great idea, I should do it”? And how many times you have taken concrete action after being inspired and learning something new? What about business ideas? How many great business ideas you’ve had? Dreams that never materialized? We quoted Chris Sacca, the former Shark Tank investor, in our book Big Rich Money. He said:
“Ideas are cheap, execution is everything.
  We write in our book:
“Many amazing ideas have not turned into profitable businesses because of poor execution, and plenty of mediocre ideas have turned into extremely successful businesses because they are done well.”
  We all have million-dollar ideas. But not all can make them a reality. We share theories that are commonly known, but we show how to turn those into action, even when we live in the real world, not in the theoretical perfect world. We teach you what things like branding, business model, production management and market research mean, but we talk about them in a language anyone can understand, and explain why understanding them is vital for your business. Knowing the business jargon is not needed for success, but understanding the concepts and doing things in certain ways is. You can learn about the same concepts in multiple other books, webinars, e-courses, college courses, and conferences. We also share concrete real-life examples of how those theories work, and even how they sometimes fail us. We show how the keys to your success are your own mindset, self-love, and learning to think the Big Rich Money way. We share our secrets, introduce business and marketing strategies and concrete ways how to make your company more profitable while you work smarter, not harder. Some of our ideas we share in our book has been worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales for our clients because we have also executed them. Does it make the book worth $100K, $50K, $500, or ten bucks? It depends on who is reading, and what kind of action they are taking after reading the book. This book could be The Book that changes your life and gets you started with your business or makes your existing one a roaring success. Or you could start reading the book, get twenty pages in and think it’s not for you, and absolutely nothing happens. It’s up to you.

Buy a book, get a workbook for free

We know you will be inspired to take immediate action after reading the Big Rich Money book! Maybe even RIGHT NOW, when you just think about starting to make more money with your business and wanting to have more time to enjoy life. So we created something EXTRA. Something that will help you to start taking ACTION immediately. We created a fillable workbook and an e-course for those who are ready to take Big Rich Money action immediately. When you purchase a copy of Big Rich Money: How to Turn Your Business Intentions Into A Profitable Company book, you will receive a free digital fillable workbook. Taking consistent action, however small, is the key to your success. We want you to start taking immediate action! The Big Rich Money Workbook is available for free for a limited time, so get it now! If you didn’t buy your copy of our book yet, get it now online at Amazon, Target, or Barnes & Noble.

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