Kaiko Clothing: Fashion With A Mission

Doing good through fashion.

Let me introduce you to Kaiko Clothing. Isabella Presnal has been modeling for a sustainable Finnish fashion brand, Kaiko, for a few years now. It’s really important to us that we work with brands that we believe in, and also brands that we buy, use, and genuinely can recommend to others.
Kaiko / Anna Salmisalo
We wanted to share some of these amazing photos taken of Isabella by Anna Salmisalo of By Your Side for Kaiko’s autumn 2023.
Kaiko / Anna Salmisalo
Kaiko / Anna Salmisalo

Responsible Fashion from Finland

Let’s start this by saying that responsible fashion is extremely difficult to accomplish. Consumers are at the mercy of what’s available for them on their budgets, and even when manufacturers are able to source, produce, and sell responsibly, the ultimate responsibility still goes back to the consumer after the purchase.
Even the most sustainable piece of clothing is not a responsible purchase if it sits in your closet and you only use it a few times.
Kaiko Clothing from Finland is working really hard to seamlessly marry style with a profound mission. Kaiko believes that fashion can be a force for good. Founded by the visionary Mirjam Sokka, the brand is on a mission to redefine the industry by prioritizing ethical choices and social responsibility. The ethos of “Fashion with a Mission” goes beyond mere words, with 7% of the profits from every piece sold directed towards women’s education in developing countries. Already, Kaiko, in collaboration with its customers, has donated a remarkable €86,972 to support women’s education initiatives in Nepal.
“Ethical choices and social responsibility lie at the core of Kaiko’s business. As such, we don’t stop at ensuring our products are transparently produced but also direct 7% from the profits of every sold piece to the education of women in developing countries. As an extension of this, our dream is to expand production into developing countries. While production in Europe is mostly responsible, there is still much work to be done in this regard across developing countries. We want to be part of creating a better clothing industry that also stretches beyond Europe. It is possible to do good and create change through fashion – that is what our slogan Fashion with a mission is all about.” Mirjam Sokka, Founder and creative director of Kaiko Clothing
Kaiko is committed to environmental responsibility. Through careful material selection and a focus on quality, the brand contributes to a circular economy while actively working towards carbon neutrality by 2024, aligning with broader industry initiatives combating climate change. At the core of Kaiko’s values guide every aspect of the brand’s journey. 1. Design Kaiko boldly crafts high-quality designs with a personal touch, reflecting a commitment to individuality and style.  They also promote slow fashion principles, creating timeless pieces that contribute to a circular economy. 2. Transparency The brand is open about its manufacturers and supply chain, ensuring customers have a clear view of the ethical practices embedded in every creation. 3. Social Responsibility Kaiko creates employment and education opportunities in Nepal, fostering positive change. 4. Profitability Recognizing that a profitable business supports its mission, Kaiko aims for sustainable growth to enable change for the better.  

Social Responsibility in Action: Empowering Women in Nepal

There are several reasons why Kaiko chose Nepal. In Nepal, where government-provided social security is lacking, Kaiko pays particular attention to salaries. The brand tracks wages through annual surveys, employing the World Trade Organization’s salary model to determine a real living wage. Through collaborations with Women’s Bank and their own projects, Kaiko directs 7% of profits to women’s education in Nepal, supporting women-led businesses and grassroots training efforts. Fair employment opportunities are especially important in a developing country, where many people face work-based exploitation and salaries are insufficient for living. The independence provided by a job and the ability to earn a living is often more than life-changing for Nepalese women; it can also offer a way out of multi-generational poverty. Despite being one of the World’s poorest nations, Nepal has a unique atmosphere thanks to its 123 ethnic groups and their rich traditions in crafts and artistry. Learn more about Kaiko at Kaikoclothing.com.   Photos: Kaiko

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