IMOGA – modern children’s designer clothing

Remember when I said Paper Wings from Australia was a jaw dropper for me in the children’s fashion show last spring..? Well, here is another one.

IMOGA is straight from the kiddie catwalks. The type of clothing you see it on a fashion show, and you just can’t believe how cute children look in these modern designs. Simple, elegant, has a look that you would like to wear, yet it is designed for children, with functionality and durability we as parents are just craving for in children’s clothing.

The co-founder of Imoga, Haejung Chung used to send gifts for her nieces signing them in her native language, Korean, “i moga”, from auntie. When her own children were born, she wanted to leave fashion industry after ten years, to start her own label. She wanted to dress her own children (and those nieces) to something that would reflect on her own style. She wanted to create something subtle, sophisticated, not overly exaggerated, and most of all, clothing that is fun and functionable for children to wear.

The influences in Imoga clothing are Asian, combined with modern design. Imoga has created an unique collection of modern aesthetics combined with function that appeals to both children and adults. The jeans have elastic waist band for easy dressing, the clothing has pockets for children’s treasures and pictures of dragons and flowers to fuel children’s imaginations. Imoga clothing forgets about the pink ruffles and sports theme clothing and is elegant and simple enough so your child’s own beauty and personality can shine through.

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UPDATE! IMOGA now arrived in our store!

IMOGA Children's Designer Clothing

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