6 Tips How to Enjoy the Back-to-School Season

secrets to enjoying back to school time with your kids  

Back-to-school stress? You bet!

Back-to-school time can be very stressful, I get it. My children started in the new school this spring and while they were in the new school for a few months, it almost feels like they are starting in a new school. Even when kids are happy and excited to go back to school, getting back in the routines can be a bit stressful.

6 tips how to enjoy the back-to-school season

1. Plan school lunches Have a brainstorming session and recipe hunt with your kids to think of new lunch ideas for the school year. Practice some lunches – and if your child is old enough, teach her/him to make her own lunch. My kids love being in charge and the responsibility they have, and I love the less stress for me. I have a joint Pinterest board with my kids to pin our favorite school lunch ideas (it has over 390K followers, so I think others think there are some good ideas too). 2. Personalize and add name tag Have a name tag session! Let your kids help you to add stickers, labels, write their name with a Sharpie.. you name it (pun intended). Kids will love creating name tags for their school supplies and making them more personalized at the same time. 3. Eat breakfast out No, not everyday! But make the back-to-school time special by treating kids to a special breakfast out on a school morning. This might be better when you have good 2-3 weeks of school in, and you want to keep the momentum going. My oldest one went to a different school than my youngest two last year, and we had a good 30 minutes in between dropping the big sister each morning. Some of our fondest memories from last fall are the times we sneaked into a coffee shop before school to eat muffins. 4. Get good tunes School drop off time and carpool is soooo much nicer when you all agree on the music. Create a playlist together with all of the best songs of the summer, especially the ones with memories, and enjoy the music together on the school mornings and afternoons. Who says carpooling could NOT be fun? 5. Shop online & spend more time together While I love how much money I can save by shopping online, the even better part is that I won’t have to go shopping with three kids to buy everything we need for back to school. No tantrums, no meltdowns, and we save money and time when shopping online, and can get an extra rounds of mini-golf and ice cream instead. I don’t blame that Amazon has become the to-go shopping destination for many moms. 6. Add some essential oils in your day! Our school mornings have become so much easier after we started using essential oils. If I hadn’t tested the oils myself, I wouldn’t believe either what a difference they make in our every day life. Kids have their favorite essential oils that they add in their own leather bracelets to diffuse oils through jewelry, and we usually diffuse something uplifting on the morning, like Peppermint and Lemon mix, or the Young Living Joy blend is also great on school mornings. Aromatherapy with essential oils is a great way to feel less stress and have clarity in your day. Here are some great essential oils for kids (and you) for back to school time. Blend all of the oils listed – or just go with 1-2 of them together to find your favorite mix! Great diffuser blends for kids to school Watch the video how easy it is to use the Young Living Dewdrop diffuser. You can get the Premium Starter Kit and get 11 most popular essential oils, and a diffuser and get started with oils. What are some of your best tips for back to school time?

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