Halloween memories

Halloween is the day that parents have an excuse to dress their child as a jelly bean, circus clown or Muppet of their choosing. Everyone wants to capture these moments for the ages, and for the grandparents.

For us Grandmas and Grandpas who live too far away to see our grandkids in costumes next week, you should know, that anything you can do to make us feel we are not so far away will mean a lot to us. Take lots of pictures. Take pictures of the kids getting dressed, pictures of them trick-or treating, and even pictures later opening their treats after the walk to neighbors.

Here are four tips for great Halloween photos:
1) Talk to them about the holiday and encourage them to talk about their feelings.
2) When taking your photos, bend down to their level. Get down close.
3) Stay close to the action. The closer you stand to them as they get candy from a neighbor, the less shaky your camera work.
4) Keep the cameras rolling. Don’t stop shooting after the costumes come off. Grandparents love anything having to do with grandkids, even photos of them chowing down on their bounty, whether its candy or carrot sticks, photos will help grandparents and family feel like they have been part of the holiday.

I have wonderful memories of my kids talking about who or what they would be for Halloween, then the costumes we put together with them, and finally the night. My sister would come over with her two daughters, and we would walk around the neighborhood, together. Mine were little during Rainbow Brite and the first Star Wars movies. We went to see Darth Vader, at a department store; he rubbed my head, and said “Nice Fur.” That was memorable for the kids, and for me.

Talk to your child about their costume character. As a teacher I can tell you that a great way to work on writing skills is having your child draw a picture, and tell you about what they drew. Writing a story and drawing a picture of some memorable part of a child’s Halloween experience is a neat way to develop a love of writing as well as creating memories together.

Halloween and every holiday are wonderful times to create family memories. I hope all of you have a safe and memorable time together.

TxGrma (Donna)

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