Welcome to my party – you throw one too!

QUICK NOTE: I’ll be hosting several giveaways this week! Baby clipper, shoes, purse, baby blanket, children’s clothing… check them out!

Hi there, today starts the Ultimate Blog Party, hosted by the 5 Minutes for Mom and I’m happy to party along.

If you haven’t visited my blog before, let me introduce myself.

I am Katja.
I am a fashion-freak-former model.
I am a cinnamon-bun-baking-housewife.
I am a marketing-loving-business-woman.
I am a “let’s-jump-some-more-on-the couch-kids”-mother.

I am a fun Finn living at the Rocky Mountains, living my Cindrella Story with the love of my life, and with our three children. I’ve been married to Matt for 10 years this July. Matt is from Austin, Texas, I am from Paimio, Finland, and our paths crossed in Frankfurt am Main, Germany over 10 years ago.

We rescued our dog in Enterprise, Alabama, had our first daughter Isabella in Turku, Finland, and second daughter Gaby was born in Schweinfurt, Germany.

We bought our first house in Watertown, New York, where our son Kristian was born. We had three children in less than three years, and they were all born in different countries!

We’ve lived on the beach in Virginia Beach, on the lake in Cleveland, Ohio.

We’ve experienced tornados while we lived in Tennessee, tasted wines on the Main river valley.

We’ve seen the King’s castle in Stockholm and the whales in Cape Cod.

Matt is a crazy helicopter pilot saving people from the mountains, I am even crazier work at home mom of three kids. We go on car shopping trips to Europe, and ski at the mountains of Colorado.

I guess you could say we don’t do normal, and we thrive to live life to the fullest.

My dream has always been having my own store, and I started with an online store one year ago. Skimbaco.com is my answer to parents who want to shy away of mass production and wanted something special for their children.

I am constantly looking for new products that fill the high quality, unique and ethical criteria I have for all products, especially children’s, and I love sharing my finds with other parents on my blog. I host giveaways, write about what’s hot at the moment and sometimes even investigate what’s up with Mattel recalls or what are the best skin care products and what we should know about household chemicals.

I care, I share and I love to meet new people.

I might not fit in your normal box, but I bet once you’ll get to know me, you’ll like me – who ever you are. Think of me this way: in high school I was the popular girl, who skipped school for modeling gigs and dance lessons, but also the one who rallied for animal rights and the geeky nerd who attended math competitions and loved to talk IT and play ball with the boys.

I bet who ever you are, I will like you too – I like to hear views of life from different perspectives, and would love to hears yours too. That’s why I love virtual reality – it is so easy and fun to get to know people who you might never meet in real life.

Thanks for visiting my blog, and hope to see you again! Leave your mark, so I can come and visit your blog too!


Ps. I blog every day – I’m part of Blog 365.

More about the Ultimate Blog Party:

The Moms at 5 Minutes for Mom are hosting the Ultimate Blog Party once a year. Fabulous giveaways, you will meet new bloggers (1000 last year, and I bet double this year), and the party will go on for an entire week, starting right now!

Come on, join the fun and get to know some new bloggers! And yes, I will be hosting a few giveaways too this week, to celebrate the Ultimate Blog Party. The Baby Light & Clip Giveaway will end tonight!
  1. Very nice to meet you, Katja! I have roots in Finland, too~ Sweeden and Norway…and a lil’ bitty French.

    You have a great story line for your family already! You are very adventurous! Your family is beautiful~

    Happy Party to you! Stop by again~

  2. Great party! Hope you’re enjoying it. It’s such a small world…I grew up near Watertown, NY!

    Adding you to my blogroll so I can come back and visit once all the party-hopping is over. Hope you’ll stop by to say hello!

  3. Great post! Hope your enjoying the party! I’ve been meeting tons of new people! Hope to try to visit at least half of them before Friday! You never know when you may meet a forever friend. Pop by for a visit if you get a chance! Enjoy your day!

  4. Wow! You have lived quite an exciting life. And I love that you are a jump on the couch some more kind of gal! (although my kids prefer to jump off the coffee table into a pile of pillows LOL!)

  5. Katja-
    You sound like a truly interesting gal with a very full life!

    I grew up Austin too, lived there until I was 18. Do you ever visit there? I think you would like it!

    What a cool online store you have too…

    See you later!

  6. Hi! I’m in Colorado, but definitely not the rocky part…I can only wish. It’s nice to “meet” you!

  7. Look at that snow!!! Ah, beautiful!!!

    Great party — hope to learn more about you as you blog and as I lurk! ;^)

    Come on over to my party when you have time!

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