And Texas welcomes us

Howdy y’all, we finally stopped driving and are now in a hotel, in Vanhorn, Texas. We drove from Sout-West Colorado to West Texas, and I have to say it was smooth.

We had plenty of healthy snacks, and did a few short stops to walk around, in placed like Cuba and Elephants Butte, New Mexico. No, I’m not kidding, I was in Elephant’s Butt today, I mean Elephants Butte.

Three kids at the backseat were awesome. They were drawing, playing with their toys and watched a few movies. The DVD player on the road trips is a must have, how ever much you might hate TV as a babysitter. Keeping three children happy during a whole day of driving is just priceless.

We stopped at El Paso to eat dinner in a Texas Roadhouse, but just couldn’t make ourselves to eat big juicy stakes after just passing the cow farms on the side of the highways.

I was trying to get kids used to stay up a little later every night to avoid tired and cranky kids. And while we wanted to drive a little more tonight, we stopped driving around eight thirty and started looking for a hotel. Everything went just fine until it was about nine thirty and now we are having huge issues with our oldest one. I guess all the excitement, the antisipation, the patience during the drive – all just coming out as an eight year old throwing terrible-two-tantrums here.

We have done so many road trips, and most of the time we just keep driving until all three sleep, and usually end up carrying all three in the hotel room after a full day of driving. This time I thought, we are not in the hurry, we are on vacation, who cares if we get to the destination two hours later. I thought stopping in a decent time would be better than driving ’til midnight… I think I was wrong. You bet on our way back home I will exhaust those kids already in the car, and will not have tantrums in a hotel room.

No photos on our first day of vacation – camara is way too well packed in the trunk of the car. I promise, tomorrow I will carry it with my like a real tourist and share some Texas pics with you too!

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