Double Dog Dare Ya

February 10, 2009 VIP Guest Blogger

Double Dog Dare Ya

Guest post by Lori

Katja recently asked me what it means to me to embrace the Skimbaco Lifestyle. Coincidentally, my sister just challenged me to do something completely new. Lucky me: I got double-dared. Hmmmmm. I’ve been around a long time. What could I do that’s new, that embraces life? Actually socialize at a party? Sky dive? Run with the bulls? Rent a red Porsche and buy a slit-to-there dress to wear for my husband’s birthday? Let’s just say I’m not known for being particularly adventurous our outgoing. I quit both skiing and scuba after one lesson, and I always bring reading material to a party in case there’s a spare room and I get jittery from too much commotion. So — no surprise — I chose none of those things. I found something even simpler, cheaper and more adrenalin-pumping (but perhaps less gratifying for my husband). And I did it on a whim. After a workout at the gym, I walked to the adjacent Sunflower Market. I bought my groceries and headed back to my car with my iPod still playing. Voices Carry by ‘Til Tuesday came on (love, love, LOVE Aimee Mann). I sooooo wanted to sing along, but what if someone heard me? I’d be mortified! But I sooo wanted to sing along. Have I mentioned I so wanted to sing along? Ummm, loudly? It was an unexpectedly warm February day, in which a perfect moment could be had by singing to a great song with catchy lyrics, a driving beat and an empowering feel. But there were people around. What would they think? I remembered Katja’s challenge, my sister’s dare and the alternative of jumping out of an airplane with bulls in a red party dress (or some such jumbled image). Shuddering Inspired, I did it. I embraced the moment. As I walked through the parking lot, I sang, “HUSH, HUSH! KEEP IT DOWN NOW! VOICES CARRY! Ooooh Ooooh Ooooh…” I wondered what I sounded like without the background music. I wondered what people thought. I wondered if I was breaking the law. It felt really weird. And liberating. And, skimbaco-me-timbers, joyful! I did not look to see if anyone was judging me. It did not matter if they were. My heart was soaring, and in that moment I was completely self-contained. So now, I double dog dare YOU. If you didn’t care what anyone thought, how would YOU unleash? Guest post by Lori. Lori blogs from a Denver suburb about open adoption and mindful living at Weebles Wobblog . She also dishes about good buys at All Thumbs Reviews . , ,

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Comments (4)

  1. What a great post (AND title! LOL!). How appropriate to sing “Voices Carry” OUT LOUD IN PUBLIC .. you are a much braver girl than I!

    Sober, no less.

    If I were to put on my big girl panties I would probably unleash when someone does something really rude in a public place.. Like totally call out the guy that thinks it’s funny to run the shopping cart into my heels in line at the grocery store. Or like a few weeks back when I had a checker cop total ‘tude at Kmart when I told her I was not interested in purchasing a 3 year warranty on a baby monitor for an addtional $10. Had I been double dog dared (and brave like you) I MIGHT of told her how totally inappropriate her behavior was and I can say so because I’ve been serving the public for a gajillion years, myself…

  2. That would be quite a commercial, wouldn’t it Sharla? Two stranger finding their voices in the same parking lot at the same time. A feel good moment.

    I’d love to know what YOU would come up with.

  3. I can’t carry a tune nor can I dance. I’d love to be able to do either without worry or others just looking at me. It’s so nice to come visit the blogs from the Bloggy Carnival now that I have time to both read and comment.

  4. You go girl! I love it! If I had heard you I would have just given you a huge smile! (or joined in) Since I already sing in public (just ask my friends, I am constantly bursting into song) that can’t be mine. I’m not sure though….. I already don’t really care what people think. But I think if I was to let loose I would be as silly with my kids in public as I am at home. We are so goofy but I get self conscious when we’re out and about. Thanks for the inspiration!

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