Farewell To Our Friend, Noah Rideup

I am going through my DisneyWorld photos, and writing a blog post about our trip with Hanes Comfort Crew. Before even introducing all my crew members, I would like to take a moment of your time and introduce you to Noah Rideup. Hanes and Disney provided us entertainment and head scratching with Noah Rideup, a “blogger from New York”, whose blog we couldn’t find online. Noah was such a sweetheart, always mingling around the Comfort Crew and taking care of the kids. The single ladies wanted to date him, and all of us moms wanted to adopt him. I would have been ready almost to fight with Mrs. Fussypants which one gets to hire Noah as a manny. Oh yeah, he was so good, and even my husband would have hired him. We had no reason to suspect that Noah wasn’t just some overactive newbie blogger whom nobody had heard of before, well, I sort of felt that I was not on the top of the things, because I didn’t know him, he made it sound like everybody knows him. I think some might have pretended like they knew who he or his blog was. Anyway, when Noah wasn’t around, felt like an essential piece of Comfort Crew was missing. When we experienced the American Idol show at the Hollywood Studios, our own Noah was on the stage! But weirdly… they introduced him as Sean. Odd, but Noah of course had an explanation for that, he was just playing a character, a fictional American Idol host, Sean. But we started having that nasty feeling, that something isn’t just right. You know, nasty feeling like when you have wedgie. And when you want wedgie free, you turn into Hanes, right? The Hanes wedgie-free panties are proud to have NO RIDEUP… No rideup. Noah Rideup. I wish I could say that I was the one who realized that Noah Rideup was a fictional character courtesy of Hanes and Disney, but Kelli of Totally Her put these two things together. Noah was just a fictional character, just like Mickey Mouse. At least I was able to bring a huge stuffed Mickey Mouse home in a new duffle bag, but I’m afraid Noah is gone forever. Just a DisneyWorld fling, that the Hanes crew will remember forever but never see again.

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