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I am so excited to share you the first ever (but hopefully the first of many) home tour of one of Skimbaco Home readers. These photos were sent by Julia Beck of Forty Weeks, a consulting firm focusing on products for pregnant and new moms. You can also find Julia blogging at the Forty Weeks Blog, and I think you’ll love her writing as much as you’ll love these photos from her home.

I love how Julia decorated her daughter’s room with Marimekko’s famous Unikko print in so trendy purple. I love how she added one accent wall.

I also love Julia’s powder room, and how the pink sink goes so well with the black cabinet and I adore the wallpaper. I have to be honest, I have never before seen a bathroom with a pink sink that I have actually loved.

The living room continues to be as trendy as the other two rooms. I like the combination of modern and traditional to make a mix that is well balanced.

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  1. I always love looking at home tours, and this one certainly does not disappoint! That purple room is great for two little girls, and it shows how two different, but complementary patterns can work together really well.

    And that bathroom? I’m with you Katja. Until now, I had never seen a pink sink that I really loved. That black vanity, weathered black and white mirror and wallpaper make it look absolutely amazing! And lastly, I don’t think my hubby would let me get away with a pink living room, but he might give it a second thought if I showed him this photo :)

  2. Love, Love, Love this! I have this Marimekko print hanging in my living room in the red…..oh, I also have the purse with it. LOVE this. It’s my all-time favorite print. The purple is beautiful!

  3. Oh yes, yes yes – Katja does a fantastic job. I am so particular (aka picky as hell), and yet always so moved by the design/vision this site. Kudos!

    Funny – I’ve just gotten into pink in my 40s as well — I feel it as something to do with quiet confidence that is a big theme of this decade (for me) – and yes — my home is a reflection of that feeling.

    The beds are pottery barn – and as you can see – while they do offer great storage – pre-teens are not really that great at de-cluttering. Thus, the large plush population in Lila’s room!

  4. Katja, Ok, I’m finally at my desktop so I can leave a more detailed comment than from my iPhone.

    I love the daughters room (even though I’m no longer a big fan of “accent walls”, the purple against the plantation shutters looks really beautiful)… Any chance you know where Julia got the twin beds? The storage underneath & corner nightstand table in between is SUCH a great idea! Esp for my kid, who’s only 3 & has way too much stuff to fit in the closet.

    The pink glaze (looks like a Kohler) sink is beautiful too, the wallpaper and silver framed mirror really makes it look chic! And I have to admit, now that I’m the 40-something mom of a little girlie girl, I am liking pink more and more. With the right accents & contrasting colors, it’s a lovely color to decorate with as Julia has clearly shown us here. Just WOW!

    Thanks for sharing this with us. Maybe I’ll submit *my* house someday. Having spent the last year gutting and remodeling an entire 1950’s house, I’m pretty proud of the work I’ve done (without benefit of a designer either). Ooooh, scary! ;-)

  5. I love this! Simple, clean and comfortable. I’ve probably been reading your blog for years and it just keeps getting better. Thanks for sharing.

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