Live Life to the Fullest by Sharing Love

I was sitting here reading Jerri Ann’s entry post this evening. She is talking about her husband and her story reminded me a little of my own husband. Originally I was going to enter this contest too. I thought it was so sweet when I hear that Katja had sponsored Amanda. Then I thought it was amazing when she asked who else needed sponsored. She is going out of her way, spending her own money, to help other women. Asking nothing in return, just out of the kindness of her heart. That is unheard of these days! It’s sad, but it’s true. Hardly anyone does something just because they care anymore. It seems everybody forgot that 4 letter word… LOVE. How can anyone live their life to the fullest without love? I thought of a million things I could say on how I live life to the fullest. I thought about all the people I could ask to vote for me. I thought about how nice it would be to win. Then I snapped back into reality. I cannot afford the plane or any other costs, so I wouldn’t be able to use the ticket. Honestly I couldn’t afford it right now if it was $40. Jerri Ann’s story reminded me of that, but not in a bad way. My husband and I had just had a conversation about this. He was urging me to go ahead and enter and share how we live life to the fullest. He said I should tell the story about how every time life seems low or every time we are down I remind him, “It’s okay, because we have each other. Our love for each other and Elijah (our son) is all that matters.” It’s true, we live life to the fullest by filling it with love for each other. The little things don’t matter, the money doesn’t matter, the material things don’t matter. WE are what matter. The love for each other is what matters. I explained to him that it would do me no good to enter because I couldn’t afford the rest of the trip. I could see it in his eyes that he understood, but he WISHED for that second we did have the money so I could go.  I hugged him and told him it’s okay I will go to a conference eventually, taking care of our family is more important. My husband loves me so much that he got upset we can’t afford for me to go to BlissDom. That act of love means more to me than ANY conference ever would. I am not sharing this story to enter the contest, I am sharing this because I wanted to remind each of you how powerful and fulfilling love is. Whether you are going to Blissdom or not, live life to the fullest now by sharing and treasuring love. “Love has no desire but to fulfill itself. To melt and be like a running brook that sings it’s melody to the night. To wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving.” ~Kahlil Gibran Written by Erin Pyle. Erin Pyle is a writer, graphic designer and mother. She enjoys spending time loving her family and playing with her toddler son, social media, organizing and being creative. To find out more about Erin, the other places she writes, and how else she lives life to the fullest, connect with her on her parenting site, www.pyleoflove.com , and on twitter @erinjeany.

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