Amusement Parks for Families in Finland – Part 1

visit finland, Linnanmäki, amusement parks in Finland, family travel to Finland Finland truly comes alive during summer. The summer days are long, and turn into nightless nights. Longer days equal more energy and Finnish families like to release it at amusement parks. The Finnish amusement parks are cozy, and most Finnish amusements parks have the old time flair, and focus on simple things. Two of oldest amusement parks in Finland are the 60-year-old evergreen, Linnanmäki amusement park in Helsinki, and Särkänniemi in Tampere. Another big hit for younger kids in the family is Moominworld, an amusement park build around Tove Jansson’s Moomin characters and is in the country’s official summer capital Naantali in the Southern Finland. visit finland, Linnanmäki, amusement parks in Finland, family travel to Finland Linnanmäki celebrates 60 years of excitement Finland’s most popular amusement park, Linnanmäki in the capital Helsinki, is celebrating its 60th anniversary this summer. This makes Lintsi, as it is fondly called, the oldest amusement park in Finland. I have many childhood memories from Linnanmäki and it still continues to have the same cozy feeling as it did when I was a child. The wooden roller coaster was build in 1951, and it is still one of Linnanmäki’s staple attractions, and it delights guests with its nostalgic old-world feeling. Linnanmäki is located at the heart of Helsinki making it an easy destination for any traveller in the capital of Finland, even if it is just for cotton candy. Admission is free, and you can get either ride by ride tickets or all access wristbands are available for very inexpensively compared to ticket prices in the amusement parks in the US, or compared to even county fairs and their ride prices. All access wristbands cost $29 for kids $44 for teens and adults. visit finland, Särkänniemi, amusement park in Tampere, Tampere travel, amusement parks in Finland, family travel to Finland Särkänniemi is the X Factor in Fun According the variety of the attractions, Särkänniemi Adventure Park in Tampere gets the “six flags” for variety and the fun factor. In addition to its 35 rides, the Särkänniemi features an aquarium, a dolphinarium, a planetarium, a children’s zoo, an art museum and an observation tower. Särkänniemi is located a little over a mile from the center of Tampere, by the beautiful lake Näsijärvi. You can get all the fun with a wristband, priced at $40 for adults and $34 for children, making it yet another inexpensive (when compared to US prices) family fun place. A good choice of hotels with discount prices, visit Where to stay in Tampere for more information. visit finland, Moomin World, Tove Jansson, amusement park in Naantali, Finland travel, amusement parks in Finland, family travel to Finland See the Moomin family in Moomin World. The Moomin troll (Muumi in Finnish) is a character made by a Swedish-Finn author Tove Jansson, and the best known Finnish cartoon and children’s book character in the world. Moomin World is a place where the Moomin fairy tale comes to live and is located in fairy tale-like settings by the sea in Naantali, Finland’s official summer capital. The Moomins live in a picturesque blue house on an island of magical beauty surrounded by the archipelago. I took our oldest daughter to Moomin World when she was 2 years old, and while the Moomin characters scared her a little bit, there was so many hands-on things for children to do, that she loved it. I recommend the place for children aged 3-7, Moomin World offers the kind of fun children’s museums do in the US, and it is not equivalent to DisneyWorld and large amusement parks. A day ticket costs $26, kids under three enter for free.

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