A Movie Invited us to Rockport

Rockport, Cape Ann, Massachusetts

Greetings from the beautiful Rockport in Cape Ann, Massachusetts. Believe it or not, but it was a movie and my friend Linda, a fellow Park City Mountain Resort Snowmama, who invited us to Rockport. And the funniest thing, Linda doesn’t even live here. Let me explain. Earlier this year I was on an all-women ski trip in Park City, Utah, on a Snowmamas Summit. On one of the nights we cozied up in our ski lodge, and watched the movie Proposal with Sandra Bullock. I had seen the movie before too and thought the scenery in the movie was amazing. This is so me – I notice if the entire house in a movie is decorated with IKEA furniture, or I want to try out a recipe someone is cooking in a movie, or I want to visit (or live!) in a place I see in a movie. I absorb everything… But back to the ski trip and why it has anything to do with us being in Rockport four months later…. Next morning in the ski lift I mentioned to my friends that the movie, set in Alaska, really made me want to visit Alaska.

Rockport, Cape Ann, Massachusetts

Thankfully I hadn’t been booking any flights to Sitka (no offense Sitka, you may be beautiful too), because the movie is set in Alaska, but filmed in Cape Ann, Massachusetts, in small towns like Rockport and Gloucester. My friend Linda was able to tell this and many other amazing things about the Rockport area, she visits almost every summer. Note to myself and for you too, if you want to visit places you see in the movies check the actual filming locations for each movie at imdb.com (unless it’s like the Statue of the Liberty or Eiffel tower you see in the movie). Luckily I had Linda, I might be on my way to Sitka right now. When I got home from my ski trip, I told my husband we are going to Rockport, MA, this summer. Someone might say that I got little obsessed about it, but it just seemed like a destiny that I see the place in a movie and my friend tells me so many good things about it, and it includes beaches, fishing boats and ocean (do you need more than that?).

Rockport, Cape Ann, Massachusetts

I know, it’s not really destiny at all, but this is how I live life to the fullest – I want to see the world through pink-colored glasses and at least think it was truly meant for me to visit Rockport this summer.

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