Chris Mann: Musical Talent Taking Over TV, Movies and… Fashion Week!

There’s things that you guess And things that you know There’s boys that you can trust And girls that you don’t There’s little things you hide And little things that you show Sometimes you think you’re gonna get it But you don’t and that’s just the way it goes .. start the lyrics of George Michael’s I Want Your Sex, and the song that recording artist Chris Mann created the above cover music video for.

Chris Mann, Fashion Week, Marlon Gobel, music

I had a pleasure meeting Chris Mann yesterday in New York City, he attended a small private party Zippy of Champagne Living put together for Collective Bias bloggers. Very fittingly, we shared some Freixenet champagne, while we celebrated Courtney Velasquez’s birthday and her recent hiring as a Community Project Manager for Collective Bias, and of course spending the last night of BlogHer’10 conference together.

Chris Mann, Fashion Week, Marlon Gobel, music photo: Sandy Jenney

Things that you guess

The fact that Chris Mann took time to visit our small party and his true “Mannfans” speaks in volumes. I had seen him before, and heard his music, but prior yesterday, I had not known that he is a star. His humble manners, and the thankfulness over his success (and being thankful of every Mannfan) makes it easy to guess that his name will be a household name very soon – people like nice people and want to support them and see them succeed. Chris Mann is very talented, handsome and has this childlike joy of what he does. It’s not hard to guess that his is going to be on the cover of GQ magazine and traveling on his world tour soon.

Things that you know

Chris Mann lives life to the fullest, and already has quite a musical performance resume. His voice has been featured in numerous movies, like Avatar, Letters to Juliet, Sex and the City 2, 2012, and Chris is also a principle voice on Fox’s hit show Glee, whose soundtrack recordings have sold over 5 million iTunes downloads. While he isn’t a household name yet – he is successful.

Boy that you can trust

Living in the L.A. hasn’t changed this Kansas-born singer. He has kept his feet on the ground, and is easy to relate to – just read his blog, especially the post from the AFI Lifetime Achievement Awards where he performed, and you know what I mean. The Hollywood scene does not intimidate him and he swims in that ocean well, while keeping his “boy from next door” charm. (I told you he has star quality).

Little things that you show

We had the pleasure to be the first ones to hear Chris Mann’s exiting news about Fashion Week in our private party for Collective Bias bloggers in New York City on Saturday night. (I told you he cares about his Mannfans). Chris Mann’s cover version of George Michael’s I Want Your Sex has been picked for Marlon Gobel’s fashion show for NYC Fashion Week. “I’m sitting with Elton John for the show” said very excited Chris Mann “The show is all about Mr. America, and he (Gobel) thinks that everything what I do embodies the American male 2010“. Marlon Gobel is right about that, but I don’t know if even Marlon Gobel knows what kind of All American Sweetheart Chris Mann is. Here – singing happy birthday to our very own Courtney. Thank you Chris!

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